Friday, March 21, 2014

Easy Like Friday Mornin'

 I switched it up this week. 
I've been knitting the easy shawl instead of the lace shawl, (which is also easy).  

Other  Easy Things:

*NCAA Bracketology.

You know where you stand in the office pool instantly these days.

*The Toaster

It is one appliance that hasn't been updated and does not need to be.
I love toast and toasted bagels for breakfast. 

*Flea and Tick Control

Once a month and you are pretty much good.  Unlike the days of old where those little flea buggers would show up and fill you with dread for weeks.  

*Catching up on the news.
It's harder to get away from it these days than it is to find it. 

*My hair.  Going to get a trim today. 
I love the ease of a short cut.  :)

What's easy on you lately?


Anonymous said...

I finally had to turn the news OFF yesterday . . . it ceased to be news and was just ranting. :-(

What is easy ......I had to think about that a bit and decided my new sock knitting is easy. The weather is easy. LAUNDRY is easy. I love the smell of the clothes coming out of the dryer. THAT'S easy --- folding, ironing and putting away --- easy, but not much fun. LOL

Katherine said...

So glad you are enjoying the short cut. I convinced my daughter to get a cute little bob and she hates it. It's not for everyone.

I have an old, OLD toaster because we don't toast bread much, but I have been seeing some very snazzy toasters lately and thinking I might like to have one.

Can't wait to see the easy shawl! I love the colors.

suburban prep said...

We do not have a toaster--we have a toaster over and use if almost more than the regular oven.

Crafty in the Med said...

Loooking forward to seeing that easy shawl. The colours are happiness in colour and if you aren't happy you have to be after wrapping yourself in those colours!!
What is easy? My first reaction begins with a sigh and an impulsive thought"Is anything easy these days" but I'm giving it more thought and the MOT was easy we didn't have to queue for hours as in the past. preparing my class for tomorrow was easy today and quick. It was a I have the material on hand prep and therefore easy peasy! Sighing again but contented I can sit down with a cuppa tea now.

keep well

Amanda x

Nancy Kay said...

Your title made me chuckle this morning. I have a friend, who, when asked if "such and such" would be OK with him, he almost breaks into song with," I'm easy, easy like a Sunday morning."

I love my morning routine of fixing a little breakfast, watching "The View," adding a few more rows to the knitting project, having a little Chai latte, and reading my favorite blogs. It's's's a great way to ease into the day. (This morning, the ol' routine included building a fire in woodstove....brrr.)

Kim in Oregon said...

What is that great yarn?

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Great colours in the shawl!

Mereknits said...

I love toast with butter on it, real butter not the fake stuff, yum! I love your stripes.

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Oh I love this yarn. You always knit with the coolest yarns. :)

MMMM toast with loads of butter......eggs, bacon...sorry what were we talking about? I lost it on bacon! :) MMMMM

Happy Weekend. :)

kathy b said...

The yarn is Knitpicks self striping Felici

Felici Fingering Self Striping Sock Yarn

Fiber Content: 75% Superwash Merino Wool, 25% Nylon
Weight: Fingering Weight
Knitting Gauge: 7 - 8 sts = 1" on #1 - 3 needles (2.25mm-3.25mm)
Crochet Gauge: 21 – 32 sc = 4'' on B - E hooks (2.25mm-3.5mm)
Yards: 218
Grams: 50
Put Up: ball
Care: Machine Washable/Tumble Dry Low

Purchase Needles & Hooks
Read Reviews (34): 4.852941 out of 5 stars

Felici Fingering Self Striping Sock Yarn

Carol said...

Nice pictures of your easy shawl and I'm a sucker for colorful yarns - your shawl is great!

Nancy said...

Being lazy is EASY, and I don't feel a bit guilty!

Warmer days (wind, too) are bringing allergy symptoms. Dealing with them is NOT easy!

Love the bright colors of your shawl. I'm a sucker for self-striping yarn.

Araignee said...

I just heard that Knit Picks is discontinuing Felici and I am so sad. I loved it. I wish I had more in my stash.
This has not been an easy day so I've got nothing. Dealing with Medicare for Daddio has left me with a giant headache. I would feel so much better if I had a bag of chips to console myself with-but no. Tomorrow should be easier. It can't me any worse!

SissySees said...

Only thing easy about my day was when the Knight called to report he was in fact done early enough to take Sis to the vet for me. Then, the VP came in and dropped his credit card on my desk and said for me to get lunch for everyone. I don't know that I've provided my own lunch for a whole week yet in this job.

SapphireBlue said...

It's difficult to get away from the news, especially bad news. I try to limit the time I use watching or reading news.

As far as the toaster, it it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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