Friday, March 07, 2014

A Lace Pattern Even Kathy B Can Knit

It has taken a decade, but I found a lace pattern I can knit.  THE COBWEB shawl by Emma Crew, is a free Ravelry pattern. 

Aren't epiphanies amazing and fun? 

I had a big skein of one tone lace yarn in my stash.
Someone of you sent me this at least a year ago, or perhaps it was in Meg's pile when she down stashed.   Anyone?  Was it you?

This yarn shows me the stitches clearly. 
This free pattern involves no stitch markers. 
If you want to try a lace pattern, this may be the one. 

I got all domestic yesterday and tried a new recipe for Fireman's dinner.  Enchilada lasagna  got good reviews from him.  If you want the recipe, send me an email.

Finally, my friend Sandy who we vacationed with, told me these coconut candies are like Mars Bars on Steroids.  I'm not a coconut fan, but everyone who tries these makes those "this is soooo good" noises after the first bite.  

So many of you mentioned being homesick on vacation; I thought I was the only adult with this issue.  I think we are really blessed that we love our routines and our home life so much. 
Bringing some new fun knitting always makes me feel like I'm a bit at home, and it helps me with that homesick feeling when it hits. 


Nancy said...

Lots of yummy things in this post - both fiber and food!

Anonymous said...

The lace pattern is beautiful.

I remembered something I REALLY miss when I'm on vacation. I miss picking up my MAIL! I love when the mailman brings something other than junk mail or bills.

Nancy Kay said...

The Cobweb looks great! Good for you! The solid color really makes a difference in being able to see the pattern and stitches clearly. Very nice!

The lasagna looks pretty dog-gone tasty! And the candy...well, key lime is one of my favorites. Perhaps mixed in with the coconut it makes for a rich flavor.

Bridget said...

Now I'm hungry ...

BTW, you ended up posting the same comment 14 times today for me! But thanks for the laugh!

Katherine said...

I probably don't get as homesick as I would if I didn't always travel with two doggies. We've been to some very nice hotels and resorts with our pups. They are well traveled and well behaved. When we travel they seem to try to charm every person they meet. If they would only behave as well at home!

Love the shawl and yarn and love, love, love the color!!

karen said...

Whenever I on vacation I countdown to when I'll be home right when I get there. I love vacation but I love home :) my husband would LOVE those candies!!!

Mereknits said...

I love the lace pattern, it is really beautiful. I can not knit lace, it means I have to count and apparently I am unable to do that. So glad you are home safe and sound, I bet those little paws missed their nightly massage. I do that with Max every night too.

kathyinozarks said...

love the lace pattern too-will be very pretty. I would love those coconut treats

Judy S. said...

Nice shawl, Kathy! So how did you like those coconut thingies? I had forgotten about them. Now I have to go check on that pattern!

Araignee said...

I love those coconut things. They are yummy.
Congrats on being a lace convert. It does get easier as the brain learns to "read" the holes. Be warned it will become addicting. You will find yourself up all hours of the night looking at lace patterns on Ravelry while your laceweight yarn stash gets way out of control.

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

The shawl is lovely. I am looking forward to watching your progress on it. :)

Wishing you a most lovely day.

SissySees said...

Look at you lace!! Beautiful.

Of course I need the recipe, and those key lime coconut bites are the bomb. One can sometime find them in a two-pack at Cracker Barrel.

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