Friday, February 21, 2014

 The simplest of knit ups is a new dishcloth. 
I was between projects and needed quick satisfaction.
It was high time for a new one in my kitchen. 

Our sidewalks were glazed in ice this morning. I shouted, 
TWIZZLE to Fireman as we headed to the truck. 
He did 
not comply….

My little Cub Antennae topper promises Baseball will return. 
I often spot my little Honda Rhonda by the Cub topper. 
Do you have a way to recognize your wheels from afar? 

Finally this Friday, 
I'll be sad to see the Olympics end. 
Silly me, I thought we had another week to go. 
They certainly helped pass the time during the harshest of weeks here in Chicago. 
My favorite event was border cross, followed by 
pairs ice dancing…
how about you?


Judy S. said...

Nice dishcloth, Kathy. You have more ice? We had a touch of sleet here... We find our car by using the "check if locked" feature on the key and it will honk. No Olympics watching here, sad to say, as we don't have cable.

elns said...

I have some dishcloth yarn languishing in the stash. Thanks for reminding me it's a "quick" knit -- so says Kathy! I was saying Twizzle too much at home. I like to twizzle in my socks, the boys won't try and synch theirs with mine, how rude!

I really liked the biathlon, and all the ice skating controversy. I wanted to watch more hockey and the kid found Skeleton interesting.

Anonymous said...

My "car" is pretty easy to find....I'm the gunmetal Subaru Forester w/the Saris bike rack and Beaver College tag holder on the back. Oh yeah ---- there is a "Defend the Bay" sticker on there too. ;-) twizzles from fireman?

The short program ice dancing was my favorite this year.

KSD said...

I have a "Mystery Science Theatre 3000" decal on my passenger-side window; that's almost always how I find my car. All the Vandy stickers on the back don't hurt, either.

KSD said...

I have a "Mystery Science Theatre 3000" decal on my passenger-side window; that's almost always how I find my car. All the Vandy stickers on the back don't hurt, either.

Mereknits said...

Not much Olympic watching here, seems every time my husband puts it on I am watching curling, not that it isn't fascinating and all.... Did see skiing last night, very exciting.

Nancy said...

I didn't watch much of the Olympics, but kept an eye on the highlights.

My car has a black Toyota logo on the front (it came with the car) and I've never seen another one like it. Of course it does me no good if the front is not visible in the lot. The license plate makes for easy spotting, too.

Nancy Kay said...

Nice dishcloth...I'm just about due for a new one too.

I've enjoyed watching the Olympics! Ice dancing is always my favorite. The speed is some of the other events is mind-blowing to me. The snowboarders were impressive too. Amazing tricks!

My car doesn't have any distinguishing marks. If I lose it in a parking lot, I'm in big trouble. Even worse...when about finding your rental car in a shopping mall parking lot!!

Katherine said...

Can you believe that I didn't watch a single minute of the Olympics? First time ever! I have been listening to a couple of good books on my iPod and knitting along. It has been so peaceful that I shunned TV altogether.
Your post reminds me that I need a few new dishcloths.

Nicole said...

I didn't watch anything this year, but I love all the ice skating/dancing events and the ski jumping. Probably because I don't think it's possible that I could err learn to do either... ;)

I have a variety of Mickey Mouse antenna toppers, which I change based on the season or my current whim. :)

SapphireBlue said...

I like curling. Call me crazy. I just do.

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