Friday, February 07, 2014

News for chart challenged from Knitting Daily

This new way of charting was highlighted in a post from Knitting Daily today. 
I think I may be better able to get the hang of charts if they are shown to me this way. 
I think this is feather and fan.  
Have you seen this way of depicting charts?  What do you think? 

(my attempt to record instructions was a complete funny failure …. even when I spoke very very slowly I couldn't knit as fast as I talked) I gave it four good attempts
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Stitch map for Feather and Fan

 Because of the winter discontent swap I have this very fun Knitpicks yarn; I'm knitting a simple shawl and I'm having a good time with just two rows to repeat. 

If you are tired of snow, just try calling it white rain, that's my coined word. 
Expecting more whiterain tomorrow round these parts….

What are you knitting during the Olympics?
Are you following a chart? 

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Nancy said...

Yes, I have seen the new charts and do not like them. Yes, it helps to see what the pattern looks like, but I don't knit with a curvy needle. It is too hard for me to keep track of the rows this way.

elns said...

How fun is your shawl? It's bright and beautiful. I love that it's resting in your "white rain". It's finally been more than one day of spit rain here. How extreme the weather has become ...

SissySees said...

Oh, I love that charting idea!

I always love snow, but tomorrow we need to take Sis to the vision vet, 100 miles to the north, so ... sigh.

Gracie Saylor said...

Clever girl! Brace yourself. White rain is falling in Boring, Oregon, and headed your way. [Great weather for charting knitting progress :) ] xx

Frieda said...

Love the yarn for your shawl , it's the antidote for white rain . As for the charts , I think the curves would drive me crazy , they're distracting IMO .

Olympic knitting - finally have a pair of socks on the go . It's been awhile ...

Araignee said...

I always re-write complicated charts in a way my brain understands them. I love the way that feather and fan chart looks. It makes sense to me that way. I hate written directions but sometimes you need them to understand a chart better.
I am knitting and spinning during the Olympics but not during the prime time NBC rehash. I can't see at night anymore.

Katherine said...

Your shawl is beautiful. I like the idea of the knit map. I think I will try to convert a simple pattern to this style chart.

We are getting some white rain in Texas.

Mereknits said...

I missed that whole chart thing, I will have to go back on my deleted emails to find it, looks interesting. Stay inside and knit and watch the Olympics sounds like a great plan to me.

Nancy Kay said...

I saw that on Knitting Daily, and I thought it was interesting; at least you can see what's happening in the pattern. But for me, I like the plain chart. The wavy lines would be harder to follow.

Yes, I'm working on a scarf that is ALL CHART -- ya really gotta pay attention! I'll be knitting it during the Olympics, but I can tell that when I want to watch a particular athlete, the needles will have to take a break...or the DVR will go on pause until I can get to a point where I won't lose my place. (I LOVE that feature!)

Your colorful shawl looks like a FUN knit! Sorry about the abundance of white rain.

Mrs. Micawber said...

I like that chart - it looks more like a crochet chart. To me it's more intuitive when a chart resembles the finished object.

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