Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I am Tightly Wound, Are You

I , almost always, have to wind the yarn into a ball before I begin to knit. I've been tangled to many times..  
I like one start and one finish.  I don't like those inside little bit. 


 I am usually very happy with a coke. 
Sometimes, I want a change.
Do you have a favorite Mocktail to share?
Do you like a fleece scarf.  I have to admit, 
although I'm a knitter, there is nothing softer than a fleece scarf.
For shame. 
Do you forgive me? 


Bianca Boonstra said...

LOL! Yes, you are forgiven ;)

I am usually a bubble-mineral water drinker, but from time to time I love Cassis (black berry drink) and seldom Cola

And I wind my yarn too before starting.

suburban prep said...

I am a person who like to wind into a ball as well. When I have had the inside pulls I have put the yarn in ziplock bags and had a string out of it on one side and the other part of it zipped up.

Anonymous said...

I am coming a bit unraveled this week. LOL

I wind almost all my yarn into yarncakes, but then I work them from the outside of the ball. I don't like how messy center pulls get toward the end.

Except for the very, VERY rare diet Coke, I'm and iced tea or water kinda girl.

Nancy said...

I prefer to use yarn cakes and nearly always pull the yarn from the center. I don't like my yarn to roll around when I knit.

Try heating a Dr. Pepper (regular or diet) in the microwave with a squirt of lemon or even a wedge of lemon. It's great on a winter day.

Katherine said...

I recently started a project without winding the yarn first. Big mistake!! Personality-wise, however, I am not tightly wound but rather laid-back in my approach to most things. I guess that is why I would start a project without winding the yarn in the first place--hmmmm.

Diet coke for me always!

Kim in Oregon said...

I can forgive you, but will Pie?

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I admit it- I love fleece - scarf or sweater - they are just so darn cozy!

Judy S. said...

Ever since DH gave me a swift, I'm a yarn cake person, but I never knit from the middle of it or a ball. Fabric, yarn, love 'em both. I'm a fan of caffeine free diet coke but probably should drink water!

Araignee said...

I love fleece too. I would rather wear fleece than a sweater and I am totally ashamed by that.
As for the ball, I also agree. I do use my swift and winder but cakes do tangle especially with fine yarn. I always pull from the outside rather than the middle to be sure.

Nicole said...

Fleece scarves are certainly faster to make than knitted ones... ;)

I love center-pull balls! Not sure why, but I do.

Jennifer said...

WHAT? A fleece scarf? Not you, too! OK - BF wears fleece hats and scarves much to my dismay. Your cat is a very good sport to wear your fleece scarf. Very funny. :D

Mereknits said...

I am wound tighter than a drum, I am not a center pull or yarn cake girl, give me a good ole ball anytime.

SapphireBlue said...

I am a diet coke addict.

SissySees said...

I love a fleece scarf too.

I have a thing for bubbly drinks too - Prosecco!

I keep trying to like center-pull balls, but I make a mess near the end.

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