Sunday, January 19, 2014

Not So SImple Woman's Daybook Entry

Outside my window: 
I saw a nuthatch on the bird feeder and I'm thrilled. 

In the kitchen: 
I am baking a cranberry bunt cake and it smells nice

I am thinking:
how lucky I am to have Ellen sending me yarn

I am reading:
Atchinson Blue 
a gift book from my high school friend Eileen.

I am hoping:
Al doesn't have to work night shifts much longer.

I am learning:
how to make a photo book from MYPublisher

I am wondering: 
If anyone can look at the crochet pattern below and turn it into a knit pattern.
I think it is just two pieces..


Kim in Oregon said...

Cute top. Is it Tunisian crochet?

Mereknits said...

Easy, it is in three pieces. I suggest you knit every row to make it not curl. Do the smaller rectangles first, cast on the number of stitches you want to make it work width wise, knit every row for 10 inches. Make two of these. Then cast on the amount needed to make the width minus 20 inches, so if you want a 50 inch wide shawl you would cast on for a 30 inch wide one. Knit until the whole thing is the same width of your previous pieces, sew together and you are done. Easy peasy. The ball band on the yarn should help you to understand the needle size and approximately how many stitches per inch are needed.

If you send me yarn ball info, needle size and such I may be able to help more. No idea how much yardage needed, but if you find the yardage and measurement of this piece that would help.

gMarie said...

Meredith is totally right on with her instructions! I might even do it in one piece with a different stitch on the ends to give it the look of the bands without any seaming. g

Nancy said...

I don't like seaming, so gMarie's idea has my vote.

SissySees said...

gMarie is a visionary. I'm hoping I can get home tomorrow after it starts snowing, without incident. I don't mind driving in the snow; I mind the other drivers who aren't comfortable driving in the snow.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I like the shawl too even if it was crochet! Love the color and the button! Stay warm:)

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