Monday, January 27, 2014

Just Wondering….

 Fireman and I went snow shoeing yesterday while the temps were in the 20s.   Just wondering if anyone else is getting cabin fever? 
I feel in love with some Lang Tosca and I liked it better in the skein than knit up.  Just wondering, has this happened to you?
Not that I don't' like it, but it is not what I expected. 
The hat is for me because I have shaved hair in the back and brrrrr it gets cold.  Just wondering, do you have to wear a hat?

There will be hair picture soon, I promise. 
I'm a little shy about it right now. 

I started the infamous Elizabeth Zimmerman Butterfly vest yesterday.  It is knitted in worsted weight on size 9s. 
My wrists/arm hurts after about 20 minutes. 
I will be careful and switch to the hat knitting often.
Just wondering, do you drop less stitches when you pick yarn than when you throw? 
I certainly drop more throwing.  

Finally this Monday morning when school is again cancelled due to the extreme cold, I worry about our mailman.
I wonder, how in the world to they avoid frostbite? 

What are you just wondering about on this January Monday morning?


Wanderingcatstudio said...

I've had lots of yarn that looks better in the skien - it's always a dissapointment.

karen said...

I'm wondering if I am hearing the wind pick up like it's predicted to do. I've never been snowshoeing and it looks like fun to me. If everyone dresses in layers I think one would be very toasty warm especially when wool is involved :)

suburban prep said...

SO cold.
I am concerned about my parents who have to go to Dr appts today.My nephews and nieces had their schools cancelled classes today.

elns said...

Yes, yarn in skein vs. yarn knit can sometimes disappoint. I dont know what bothers me more, when it disappoints in color or feel. hmm. I've never been snowshoeing but it looks like a nice way to be active in the cold. Oh and it looks exhausting, is it??

Nancy Kay said...

I definitely have been disappointed in how a yarn knits up; it's especially sad when I truly fell in love with it in the yarn shop!

I tend to drop stitches when I try practicing my continental knitting. I'm just more accurate and have better tension when I throw.

Sorry is SO DARNED COLD in your area. I've been watching national news, and the cold is no fun. It's like you're getting the kind of weather we usually get, but you're getting SLAMMED by the Polar Vortex!

Good for you for getting out on snowshoes!

Mereknits said...

I am wondering how people knit without throwing. I wonder if it will warm up in Ohio by this weekend when I fly in for a meet. I wonder if I will have to scrape ice off my son's windshield on Wednesday morning as the cold will be here again by then.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I still have my Grinch hat..I do get strange looks. That hat you are knitting will be one of a kind, variegated yarn is an adventure! I am thinking are we nuts..but tonight is even worse it is -30 F here now at will get colder tonight. Uffda. :(

SissySees said...

I wear hats when I run/wog, if it's below... well, if it's colder than usual. Today, it was 40, and I celebrated the "warmth" by wearing a handspun, handknit, earwarmer band thing instead.

Lynn said...

Yes I've had yarn that is GORGEOUS in the skein and horrible once knitted up!!! I've even had yarn look one way in a sock and another way in it's mate!! Weird!

It may have been cold, but it was a sunny, beautiful day to get out and about!

Mrs. Micawber said...

Can I infer from your question that you are capable of knitting "both ways" at once? If so, I am deeply impressed!

I only knit Continental, so cannot speak to the throwing side.

Yes, I need a hat! And a scarf or cowl to boot. Even though I have long hair, I still like to have extra layers about my head and neck.

I am wondering ... if the hat I am knitting for my dad will really be warm enough. :)

Katherine said...

My hair is cropped so short that I wear a hat to sleep in, and much of the time during the day. Summer is fun though because I can run my fingers through it and go. I am definitely wash and wear!

Araignee said...

I had cabin fever and then we got a beautiful day today with temps in the 50's and lots of sunshine. Now it's back in the teens for the rest of the week I hear. Boo. I can't wear hats very well because I have lots of hair in a high bun and hats look weird. When my hair is down I look like a witch so I wear my Calorimetry almost all the time. I am a picker and only throw when I am doing colorwork and I drop stitches all the time but I blame it on my eyes and not my hands. My hands know what they are doing. It's my eyes that are letting me down these days. I am often disappointed with skeins of yarn and braids of fiber. I've learned that those crazy colors I love don't always work up the way I think. Simple is best but not as much fun.
I am wondering how I am going to make it until the end of the week when I get my pension check. My cupboards are bare and so is my bank account. Christmas plus new puppy equals the poorhouse!

Nancy said...

No cabin fever here. I try to get outside every day.

I have always thrown yarn, so I can't offer any advice on dropped stitches.

Today I am wondering how much lotion my body needs this winter. I am going through bottles of the stuff.

Judy S. said...

I am mainly disappointed it there's a flaw in the yarn, annoyed actually. You are brave to snowshoe in such cold temps! I have turned into a real chicken for having grown up in the Midwest. As DH says, at least you don't have to shovel rain.Our GS said that school would be canceled today also; hope it warms up for you soon!

SapphireBlue said...

It's so cold outside. I wish I didn't have to work today.

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