Monday, December 16, 2013

One More Gift Knit

I'm gift knitting even though I said I wouldn't.  

I have one scarf left to knit and then I'm ready. 
Why do we do this to ourselves? 
But, oh we do this to ourselves.

Pie was spayed on Thursday. 
She is so good and leaves her stitches alone.
I did find her eating ashes in the fireplace the day after.
I've read cats do that when the have an upset tummy. 
(Beatles is wearing the Santa hat )

I gave the slippers to my great niece yesterday, and they fit like magic!   I had my first Christmas cookies of the season at the party yesterday.   Should I go through the trouble of Cut out cookies?


Bridget said...

I finished my last gift knit last week, and oddly, feel at a loss ...

I'm glad Pie is doing OK. And Beatles in the Santa hat is the best! Please kiss both of them for me.

Off to bake some cookies ... :-)

Nancy said...

Yes, definitely make the cut-out cookies, frost them, and add some sprinkles. To me, nothing says Christmas like a cut-out cookie.

I'm doing gift sewing today, but not by choice. Sigh, I'd rather be knitting.

Kim in Oregon said...

Glad Pie is doing well. Do you have a cookie spritzer to make spritz cookies? Faster than cut out cookies and less waste.

elns said...

We do it, because we are adrenaline junkies! ha! no, because we think we can find one more way to make the holidays pleasant. I say you cookie however you like, make low stress cookies or no cookies. After all ... you're knitting :)

Araignee said...

So happy Pie's surgery went well. It's always such a worry.
I just bought a ton of Christmas cookies at the local food store on a whim. I just can't find the time (or motivation) to bake this year. Maybe it's because I am the only one here this year to eat them-and I WILL est them.

Nancy Kay said...

Love the kitty photos! I see they are staying close to the yarns.

A frosted cut-out sugar cookie is hard to beat for Christmas! If I were going to be stopping by, I would for sure encourage you to get baking!! LOL.

Mereknits said...

I have one more project to go and I am done with Christmas creating, then it is back to normal creating, I am going to love that. Yes on the cookies.

SapphireBlue said...

Good on you for helping control the pet population. I hope Pie heals up quickly.

Merry Christmas!

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