Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Crazy cat ladies create Crazy Cat Christmas cookies. 
Now, I'm finished with cookies for the Holidays. 

Still working on the last gift knit for this year, 
a simple scarf.  

Here's a little story for you: 
On Saturday I stopped at McDonalds' before going to work.
Apparently my car went ahead of another in the pick up line and the woman in that car was furious.
She was hitting her steering wheel and
pointing her Grinchy finger at me. 
So I decided to tell the cashier I'd pay for her lunch as well as mine. 
That'll teach her.  
Wishing you the patience of the Holidays
and some quiet to recharge!


Wanderingcatstudio said...

There definitely has been a lack of patience on the roads this month!
The cat cookies are adorable!

Lynn said...

Good for you! Having one car ahead of you is THAT big a deal???

and I LOVE your cookies!

Araignee said...

Mmmmm.....kitty cookies! You are a saint to pay for that ladies lunch. I bet she felt like an idiot when she found out what you did after she acted like such a fool.

kathy b said...

That was precisely my intention……..treat her and make her think a bit!

Katherine said...

Oh Kathy I love you!! DH and I agree that your response to the grinch was priceless. We have had a turn of events that has made us stop and rethink all the hustle and bustle of our Christmas plans. Christmas has been "called" at our house and replaced with an effort to stay peaceful. Let it be so for us all!

Lilea said...

You are a better person than most! I just wish I could have see the reaction on her face. I hope the rest of her day followed a different path than she started out on. Hopefully she 'paid it forward'.

elns said...

Those cookies are so cute, Kathy! I love how you killed that irritable lady with kindness. I sincerely hope, the lesson is not lost on her.

Anonymous said...

Must be the season for cranky folk. Glad you could face it with grace and kindness.

Hopefully she's feeling pretty foolish right about now.

Mereknits said...

What a lovely way to teach her the spirit of the season. You are wonderful and so are your cookies.

Nancy said...

Oh my, wouldn't you have loved to watch the woman's jaw drop when she heard you paid for her order. . .I love it!

Cute, cute, cat cookies. I need to make some sugar cookies, but I'll just end up eating them. Sigh!

Nancy Kay said...

I say, "Good for you." What a loving response, so appropriate for the season...and let's hope the cranky gal gets a grip. You never know how far-reaching a little kindness goes.

SapphireBlue said...

I think you had a nicer reaction than me. I might have given her a finger right back.

SissySees said...

Love those cookies. That's the second drive-thru pay it forward in a fire service family I've heard in as many days! My Deputy Chief-friend-former co-worker was shocked when, after waving at one of his employee's wives, the cashier said his meal was "covered."

I need to practice kindness more often.

Yarn Miracle said...

Love the cookies! And the kindness. :D

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