Sunday, October 27, 2013

Abby Normal

 We had our annual Young Frankenstein viewing last night.  It is just part of Halloween here. 
I knitted my Skydive Scarf/Stole.  I'm nearing the finish and eager to move on to another knit up.  
 At the library, I picked up two knitting books for inspiration.
I did find a sweater with a V-Neck in Simple Chic, but I think next up is socks. 

Is there one knit that makes you happier than others?
For me it is socks.  

Miss Pie went to the vet yesterday.
She weighed 4lbs 5 oz a month ago.
She now weighs 4lbs 6 oz. 
She is 6 months old now. 
How can I have such a poor weight gainer?
She's a widget that's for sure-
She is so busy running, chasing,
wrestling the other cats, it is no wonder she is so light. 
Our dear vet wants to wait until she's bigger to spay her. 
I've never had a premie with only 30grams weight gain in a month....
Oh well, she's happy, she's active and she's skinny. 
and she's A. B. Normal

That's the update here.....
hope your weekend is beautiful and colorful 


Nancy Kay said...

Haven't seen "Young Frankenstein" for a few years, but what a fun tradition!

Sweet little Pie...I think she's perfection.

I hadn't really thought about it, but going back to knit socks every so often is a comfort project. Happy knitting!

Anonymous said...

I think it is socks for me too! :-)

But, you probably had already figured that out.

Nancy said...

Socks are always my "go-to" knit - portable and familiar.

As long as Pie is a good eater, I wouldn't stress about her weight.

I've never seen "Young Frankenstein" so I must be abnormal.

Mereknits said...

She is just busy, and she likes being little. Hugs to you Kathy,

Katherine said...

Pie is just naturally petite! And so cute!!

I can't wait to see Skydive.

I have always depended on socks to keep me knitting but I do have to admit to favoring sweaters.

Araignee said...

My daughter has one of those itty bitty kitties that won't gain weight. She had to wait forever to spay her also. She's never really gotten any bigger but she's happy and healthy and I guess that's all that matters. She was a rescue with a rough start and I suppose it took its toll on her constitution.
Socks make me happy also. I guess that's why I have four pair on the needles at the moment with a fifth waiting in the wings. Of course it doesn't help that people are always asking me to make them a pair.
My Halloween movie is Practical Magic and I'm saving it for the big night since we don't get trick or treaters anymore.

LouLou said...

I'm with you....I love to knit socks! Just finished up a pair with cables and deciding on my next pair to knit. As for Pie, well, I've always said the best things come in little packages! :-)

SapphireBlue said...

I love Young Frankenstein. My family watch Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Bill and Ted's Bogus Adventure. Great old movies are so fun to watch.

SissySees said...

If Pie was a hound dog, they'd call her a "hard keeper." Sissy is one. That girl runs lean, while Piglet - er... Gg - runs plump. Ironically, I just announced to the Knight that I can actually feel her ribs.

What's knitting? ;)

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