Friday, October 11, 2013

Random Fr EYE day thoughts....

 Kim from HandEYEcraft blog gave me this amazing 
Shawl.  Yesterday was the perfect day for it. 
Thanks again Kim, I LOVE it.  
I still remember the day it came in the mail; I am as appreciative of the gift today as I was that day.  
  Knit blog connections continue to surpass any original thoughts I ever wished for when I started blogging in  October of 2004. 
You are all wonderful and amazing in your own ways. 
In other news around Irish  EYES: 
Pie has another eye infection. 
Back to Tobramycin drops for 10 days. 
This is just the kind of thing we are trying to prevent. 
Thankfully, she is not squinting and she does not appear uncomfortable.  
Fireman and I kayaked around Lake Como today. 
Why is it that the first thing I do in the kayak, everytime,
is panic a bit.  There is nothing to panic about. 
I can swim. I have a life vest.  I love being on the water. 
Yet, it takes me a bit everytime to relax. 
Then, I do relax and it is hard for me to get off the water. 
This whimsical Owl was a gift from my friend Kristine.
I think he is owlmost perfect on the mantel. 
Tomorrow, knit photos. 
I worked on fingerless on the drive to Lake Como. 

Sorry so random.  Happy Weekend ! 


Nancy said...

Sorry to hear that Pie is struggling with another eye infection. I hope the drops nip it in the bud.

Love the shawl and the owl. Did you catch any fish?

kathy b said...

Oops forgot to say: No fish. BUt they were jumping all around us i SAW them. Still it was a fun time

Araignee said...

Poor Pie....I hope she is better soon.
I live on the water and am afraid of it. Not only do I get sea sick but I am totally terrified of the nasty germs that are swimming around in it. Weird that I should have ended up here on the bay. I blame my Mom for dragging us down here. As soon as Daddio joins her in the hereafter, I am getting out of here.

SissySees said...

My uncle's farm is named Como. Beautiful lake!

So sorry Pie has another infection. Wahhhh!! Crossed paws and prayers.

Alyssa said...

The kayaking looks fun! I would be afraid to kayak when it's this cool, I don't wanna fall in the water :(

Mereknits said...

Random is good. Love that shawl, perfect Autumn feel to it. And that owl is a HOOT! Pie sweetie, stop with the eye infections already.
Hugs to you,

Nancy Kay said...

The shawl looks perfect for Fall!! Nice to have a sweet Pie on your shoulder... and a cute owl on your mantel. The kayak outing looks so fun!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

That little owl is too cute! I'm so sorry Pie has another eye infection. Hope the tobramycin works fast! Your Wingspan is a great looking fall shawl! Nice gift!

Beautiful lake scenes... Glad you make it to peaceful once you get going. ;) blessings ~ tanna

Kim in Oregon said...

I used to feel that way every time I got into my kayak! But then I realized that it was almost impossible to tip over so I am always fine.

Look for a surprise in the mail on Monday (oops--Monday is a holiday, so I guess on Tuesday). Love to Pie.

Mrs. Micawber said...

Hope that eye clears up quickly.

I think I would panic a bit too on entering a kayak - the sensation of having my legs kind of trapped in there would do it. But it looks like great fun!

Bridget said...

Everyone at our house is sending good thoughts and prayers Pie's way. Please give her a kiss from me.

Pretty shawl, cute owl, fun time on the water - what a great post!

Katherine said...

I love random thoughts!

The shawl is beautiful and so perfect for cool fall days.

We were at the vet's office this morning with Max. He also has an eye infection. We are treating him with cortisone drops. Hope Pie is better very soon!

So glad you had a restful time on the water.

SapphireBlue said...

I hope kitty is feeling better.

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