Monday, October 07, 2013

My Own Little Miracles

This weekend ( over the feast of St. Francis of Assisi) 
Zach came downstairs and found Pie and Beatles sitting in the front window together.  
The screen had been pushed out and the cats could very easily have taken off.
We live on a very busy main road in town. 
Beatles, I am sure, chose to stay in the house. 
Pie, because she cannot really see, didn't know the window screen had come loose.   I know her spunk and spirit would have drawn her right outside if she could see.  Thank you Zach for noticing.  

Thank you Bea for not leaving out the window and "showing" her the way. I am actually thankful Pie is blind or she would have left for certain.    Both of the cats are microchipped, but after seeing the opossum flattened in the street the next day, 
I am even more very grateful that both cat and kitten stayed in. 

That's my first little miracle. 

The second is this: 
I realized this morning I have memorized how to knit socks. 
I don't need a pattern anymore.  
The final step was understanding the heel turn.
Up until now I just read the pattern at the heel turn and paid very close attention to my stitches. 
Today I realized, its always half the stitches plus one
then work your decrease,
then purl to the same number left on the other side and do 
your decrease.   
I can knit socks anywhere now, with no pattern, no reference needed on a computer or in a book! 

This gives me hope.  Perhaps I will learn to do a reverse shape afterall, (someday...)
now THAT will be a miracle in my book!


Araignee said...

Oh my goodness....what a scare! One of mine got out last year and I spent the night searching for him. It was painful. I did find him but I live in terror he will get out again.

Isn't it wonderful when sock knitting becomes second nature? Speaking of which, I need to go find some sock yarn to cast on right now. For the first time in ages, I have none on the needles. Yikes!

SissySees said...

GASP!!!! I'm so glad both kittahs stayed put.

And gee... maybe if I'd knit socks again, I too could memorize a pattern.

Nancy said...

It is such fun to have a "light bulb" moment with a pattern.

Sure glad those black beauties decided to hang around the house.

LouLou said...

Oh Dear! A blind kitty on the loose would not be a good thing. Thank goodness that didn't happen! Sock knitting is the best isn't it!? And now that you don't need a pattern you can really become addicted to it! Now this on the other hand IS a good thing! :-)

Grayseasailor said...

So glad your furry friends are safe!!
And I am excited that you KNOW how to make socks :)
Gracie xx

karen said...

Isn't it liberating having a pattern in your head?? Yay for you! Our old car would have been outside about four feet from the house trembling and frozen in his place because he never quite knew what to do with found freedom.

Dee said...

Glad your kitties stayed safe in the house.

Congrats on learning the way of the sock. You are on your WAY!

Nicole said...

Oh my gosh! That was a scary near miss. Glad both the kitties are safe!

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