Wednesday, October 09, 2013

In One Week, A Record

The weather has been nothing short of Ideal the past week. 
Ideal for me is 70s in the day and 40s at night. 

I knit these puppies in 6 days.  
Keep in mind, I only worked One shift in that time period.
Keep in Mind, the yarn is part cashmere and it glides effortlessly across the needles.
Keep in mind I love to knit socks. 

I cast on for looooooong fingerless last night.

I made a mistake last night.
Fireman just called me laughing.
I went to a Formula company dinner at a great eating establishment. 
I had COKE:  no liquor . 
Then I came home and was focused on getting the recycle bin onto the curb for fireman. 
Seems I forgot to shut off the car. 
Yup the car ran all night.
Fireman says it could have caused a fire because the engine gets too hot from no air circulating..

Opps. Poor Honda Rhonda. 
I had just filled the gas tank too. 
Seems she hardly used any gas up sitting in the driveway all night.
Oh dear.

I wondered where my keys were as I went to bed last night...


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh....poor Rhonda the Honda.

The socks look great! Congrats.

Mereknits said...

Oh my goodness you gave me a laugh, I am happy no one stole poor Rhonda Honda. It seems my head is on backwards lately, I am forgetting everything. I blame menopause.

Bridget said...

Love the socks!

My mother once went to a fast food restaurant, ate her meal there, with the car right outside the window, and only when she went to get back in to go home, realized that she left it running and locked ...

Nancy said...

Good thing Rhonda was still there in the morning!

Love the socks and the gorgeous yarn.

Katherine said...

The socks are beautiful! Well done!!

Rhonda was just trying to keep warm in that cool 40 degrees. I once locked the keys in the car while it was running. Macy was still in the car and I was so worried about her. I started pointing to the lock on the door and she watched my finger and started patting at it with her paw until she unlocked the door. Our son said he wouldn't have believed it if he had not seen it with his own eyes. Smart dog!!

SissySees said...

Beautiful socks. Funny about the car, but I'm glad there was no harm done.

Araignee said...

I did that once to Miss Mini when I ran in to the grocery store to buy some beer. I forgot to turn her off AND forgot to put on the parking break. She rolled right into a Domino's Pizza delivery van. When I came out with the beer the delivery guy was waiting for me so I could move my car off of his. He was probably thinking that I really didn't need any more beer. I haven't been able to order pizza since. I'm just glad I didn't kill anyone.
Love the socks.

Bonny said...

I LOVE those socks! I'm also glad to hear your car gets good mileage running all night in the driveway!

Grayseasailor said...

Amazing socks and Rhonda the Honda! I am glad Fireman did not have to bring his work home!
Gracie xx

suburban prep said...

Oh my glad things were OK.

I have never knit socks.

The weather is supposed to be good until this weekend.

I was out by the lake at the Glen and it was nice to just sit and knit.

Love Honda. I have had two and seriously thinking of a third one at the moment as the car I bought two years ago has been taken over by my parents (actually my brother-- who drives them around). I need a car and my husband will be putting his "summer" car away this weekend and I have been driving his winter car (my old 2003 CR-V).

Alyssa said...

6 days!? I think my current socks are going on 6 MONTHS, haha!

karen said...

I've never left a car running, yet. Wow!! The socks are great and aren't you the speedy knitter??

Jennifer said...

Love the socks.

I'm glad the Rhonda Honda stayed home all night. Or do you think she went for a joyride?

elns said...

Look at you go with those socks! Wow! Cashmere as well! The story of Poor Rhonda the Honda makes me laugh, totally something I would do. It makes me adore you more! I love that Fireman was so calm with it.

Nicole said...

6 days?!?! Impressive! They look great, too.

Poor Honda Rhonda! Good thing no one car-napped her!

SapphireBlue said...

Wow! YOu completed that project so fast.

Toni said...

Wow! That's some fast sock knitting. Lovely!

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