Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Casting OFf and Casting On

 *Found a vest pattern I'm sure I can knit. 
I have to price the yarn before I commit. 
I have to let this one sit with me a bit before I commit. 
I would  also have to buy the book with the pattern ....

This model is very thin.  I am not. 
Will I like the look on ME?  
What do you think? 
I choose it for its simplicity. 
Be brutally honest...please

* I plan to finish the blue socks today.   The yarn has been a complete joy. Sqoosh Fiber Arts Merino/cashmere.  This is my first knit with cashmere.....ever.  Thank's AL for awesome birthday yarn. 

Carole knits asked for things you love about Fall: 

*specifically: Harms Road between Old Orchard and Golf. My favorite stretch of woods and leaves.  
*cool enough to sleep well; warm enough so there is not frost to scrape off the car windows
*the cats get snuggly and want to sleep on your lap while you knit
*taffy apples
*corn maze: here in the Cornbelt farmers cut out paths in their fields.  They are hard to figure when you are inside them.  Our family had a blast, one fall night years ago, trying to find our way out. 
*Post Season Baseball.  GO Tigers.  
*switching over to a fall purse....and
*Bite size Baby Ruth bars....


Anonymous said...

I think the vest would look good on just about everyone. The simplicity is wonderful.

SissySees said...

Ravelry. Go search "finished projects" in that design and see what you see, but I agree with Dee; that style will suit most!

Nancy said...

I like style of the vest and agree with Dee that it should work well with all body types. Be aware that the garter stitch will stretch which can be both a good or bad thing. Channon also has a good idea about a Ravelry search.

Nancy Kay said...

Cute vest. Can't you just see a really neat "artsy" button to add a little zing? I, too, think it would work well for you.

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

I think that vest will look good on all body shapes ... nice choice :)

kathy b said...


Great idea. Im loving seeing how others knit it up. Great tip!

Katherine said...

I love the vest! I think it is a classic style that will look great on any figure! I say go for it.

My favorite thing about fall in Texas is the cooler weather of course! I especially like the smell of damp grass when I take the dogs out at night. It reminds me of walking across the football field after a high school game!

KSD said...

PERFECT One-Style-Fits-All vest. Go for it! You can change the look up a lot with button choice and button placement.

Mereknits said...

The vest is perfect. I think you should close it with a shawl pin so that if you decide to keep it open there is not a button or button hole in the way. You can also close it in various places to change the look.

Go for it!

Grayseasailor said...

I like the look of the vest, too, and appreciate the advice you have been given by other knitters as well. Do you have to worry about edges rolling when you knit something like this ? I also like your list of things you like about this time of year :) I have a pumpkin pie scented candle burning as I type. Cozy :)
Gracie xx

Araignee said...

I also like that vest. When it comes to things I am actually going to wear in public (versus the things I knit just to knit them) I say simple is best.
Love the list of fall things. I was thinking of switching to my fall purse just this afternoon. Maybe tomorrow.

LouLou said...

I love the vest. It's a classic and would look nice on anyone for any occasion. Go for it.

SapphireBlue said...

Cast-on! It will look great!

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