Monday, September 30, 2013


 Remind me never to give Pie a balloon. 
Luckily it got stuck under a table; but for the 3 days I could not find it, I was certain she popped it and ate it.
Thank You St. Francis for listening to me all weekend. 
Thankyou Fireman for finding it when I could not.  
 Finished another little Gansey hat for my great niece
who turned 2 this weekend. Relief, it fit her perfectly. 
The Birthday cake was from Mariano's and I have to say it 
was excellent.   

 I always learn things at our family parties.
My sister in law brought a newspaper clipping from Fireman's parents wedding.  Seems They got married exactly a mile from where Al now works, in Norfolk.
I find the odds of this amazing! 
I think her grandma is watching out for her...
what a relief~!

What are you relieved about today?


Mereknits said...

Of course her Grandma is watching out for her. I know my brother is watching my son, not sure he is getting much rest up in Heaven doing it, I think he is pretty busy. Do you need rest in Heaven?

Katherine said...

I know how you must have felt when the balloon was missing. Max ate an orange fuzzy toy last Friday. He has never done anything like that before and I'm sure he will not do it again. He left bits of orange fluff all over the office, house, back yard, and when I say "left" I mean physically. It wasn't pretty!! Now that I think of it maybe the color orange has something to do with it.

I love to hear about things happening around places that are close to me. I love it that Al is close to where my Mom grew up and where I was born! So I think my Mom is joining her Grandma to look out for her.

Nancy Kay said...

Whew. Glad the orange balloon was found! Really cute Gansey hat!! And the cake...what a colorful and playful design!

And the coincidence ... a taste of heaven, eh?

I relieved that some of the winterizing around here is getting accomplished! Seems that colder temps are not just a rumor. Ha.

SissySees said...

Beautiful cake and hat. Sissy tried to eat a thumb drive on Saturday, but thankfully, the packaging protected it - and her.

You know I don't believe in coincidences... ;)

fancystitching said...

As a cake decorator, I must say that cake is absolutely GORGEOUS! Relieved, that my son happened to stop by in time to kill the rattlesnake our dog had cornered in the back yard. Not so relieved (as in "how will I ever get it all done...) that we are closing on a house and moving in ONE WEEK! Yikes! I need to go get busy!

Grayseasailor said...

Kathy, I'm so glad the balloon was not ingested by the furry friend! So glad the lovely hat you made fit! So glad you enjoyed a cute yummy cake, and so glad for the coincidences that encourage our faith in God's care for us.

I am relieved that our stormy weather is passing by, but there are still showers so that I can justify being cozy inside working on crocheting a baby cocoon :)

Gracie xx

Judy S. said...

Cute cake and hat! Glad you found that balloon, too. I was relieved to make it home in a very bad rainstorm; supposedly it was the rainiest day since some time in 1948!

Araignee said...

Relieved you found the balloon! Love the hat and cake. Now I want cake and I am relieved I don't have any.

Nancy said...

Love the hat AND the cake - I bet the cake was chocolate, right?

A sweet photo of Pie and her balloon.

I'm relieved to have finished some knitting projects, so I could start some others.

Kym said...

Such an adorable cake! I love it!

karen said...

Oh my a lost balloon possibly in a belly? that is something I would worry about! Glad that you found it and all is well. I'm relieved to know that a cold front is heading our way and it will get colder :)

Anonymous said...

I'm relieved Pie didn't eat the balloon too.

That hat has the same pattern as the socks I just finished. COOL!

suburban prep said...

the cake for my birthday on Sept 10 was from Marianos and it was for the 50th birthday. So so good. It was the third cake we have bought from them. I have to say that we go to Marianos even if we have nothing down on our shopping list. Love the store.

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