Friday, September 06, 2013

New s

 New cone of shame:  My nephew had some surgery this week.  We have a soft new cone for our fur buddies.  As my sister the Vet, joked, it can be used as a flotation device in the event of an emergency.  
New coffee shop in town. The Glenview Grind.  Our Caribou coffee closed recently. I am so happy another coffee shop reopened right there. 

New vase alongside the new toilet paper cover.  Its a glass bottle recycled.  You paint it with glue and food coloring.  Rather sophomoric, but its been a week of tacky bathroom tank renovations. It needs a black eyed susan from the yard... 

New moon.  Yup. 
and New fig newton cookies, have you tried them? 

No New knitting news...still working on that cabled baby blanket and still lovin it. 

What's NEW by you?


Anonymous said...

That *new-style* cone of shame looks much more comfortable for the dog.

Not much new here .....maybe I'll find something new on the weekend. OR, maybe I'll start a new project.

Have a great weekend.

SissySees said...

Your post made me happy.

Sissy can't use that kind of cone because when she's ... restrained, we're usually protecting her eye. I wonder if Gg would find that more acceptable though? Do they make it in a ... cat size? (Don't tell Gg; she's also sporting a cat collar and has been for a year now.)

Nancy said...

What is the flavor of the new Newton? While I like the flavored ones, I still prefer the original.

I recently purchased some Addi Sock Rocket needles. I like smooth join of the cable and needle.

kathy b said...


THey are a flat cookie with bits of fig in them. MMMMM

I have to check on your sock rockets!

kathy b said...

Newton Fruit CRISP are they name of the new shaped, yummy cookies

Marguerite said...

Going to knit tomorrow while Jay watches a football game. Haven't knit in months due to joint swelling from a drug I was taking. I'm off the drug now. Feeling almost normal and excited about knitting is new.

elns said...

I cannot lie to you. I don't like the Fig Newton cookies. They don't taste like a cookie, and they don't taste like a fig newton. They do taste ... healthier. I would rather have a fig newton. Have a great weekend Kathy!

fancystitching said...

New HOUSE! WOO-HOO! Unfortunately, the wheels of paperwork, closings, appraisals, inspections, etc. all move much slower than I have patience for right now, but hopefully by the holidays we will be in. And that purchase gives me a NEW reason to SMILE each time I think of the house on the lake.

Mereknits said...

Nothing new, I am as boring as can be.

Katherine said...

I still love the TP cover and the new vase is pretty beside it!

They gave us one of those collars when Max had surgery on his paw. When we put it on him he stood or sat perfectly still like he was glued to the spot. We finally had to just put a sock over the paw and tie it around his body with ribbons.

New happenings here--I'm starting to blog again in the next couple days! I feel like I'm coming home!

SapphireBlue said...

I've never seen a cone of shame that looks like that. Poor thing.

Judy S. said...

Doggy looks pretty happy, considering....Still slogging my way through Sothia! May have to try something new to divert my attention.

Teri said...

Like the vase. A black-eyed susan will be perfect for it. Thanks for the info on the vacuum, and the encouragement on the sweater. We're planning on getting another puppy...Another one of those big guys like in my profile pic. Having the new puppy made us miss the big guy too much, so we're going to get another to keep her company, too. And maybe calm her down????

suburban prep said...

So sad when the Caribou closed there. We would stop there on our way to Evanston Hospital last year. The one is still open in Winnetka and in Northbrook.
We will have to stop in and see what this shop is like.

Araignee said...

I just saw those cones for sale at the pet shop and wondered about them. They do look more comfy that the originals.
I love the new Newtons but I am banned because I have no self control when it comes to cookies.
What's new? Hmmm.....I got a new come of weaving cotton in the mail today because I ran out just inches away from a finish. $12 plus shipping for four inches. I must be crazy

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

What new fig newton?? I'm sure I need to go check that out!

Kathy, I really like your toilet paper cover!! And, the blue bottle, glue and food coloring huh? Who thinks of these things? And, it looks great.

Cones have greatly improved since our household last had use of one!! blessings ~ tanna

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