Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Indian Name would be:

 For everyone who swapped, thanks.
The first envelope arrived yesterday and cheered me up a bit, what with Al leaving and all.  
Lovely lovely yarn and this beauty of a bag arrived. 
I went onto the Ravelry site and saw many people used the
Bambino for socks.  It doesn't seem like sock yarn to me somehow.
Have you knit with this yarn? 
Tank snuggled up to Al this weekend. 
She admits he is very very happy with us. 
After my boo hoo-ing at the airport, 
I decided my Indian Name is
What is your Indian name?


Katherine said...

Again, Al is so pretty!! I am probably not the best person to comment on bamboo because I have had bad experiences with it. I do, however, know knitters who use it all the time and certainly make sock from bamboo yarn.

Since I woke up this morning with two dogs stretched out on top of me, my Indian name must be Awakenswithdogs.

Teri said...

So sorry her visit was so short. You must miss her terribly. Thank you for your comment on my blog. Having a handwritten note from Mother Teresa, what a treasure that must be. Does (s)he ever talk about the experience of volunteering with her?

Lynn said...

I've knit a partial sock with some Regia Bamboo yarn and I ended up ripping out. The only way to describe it was floppy. Others knit with bamboo and are fine, me not so much.

So sorry Al's trip was so short. This is something I don't look forward to......

Anonymous said...

My Indian name would be Can'tDecideWhereToPutMyLaptop. So far I've been in the dining room, the kitchen, on the sofa with a fan pad, and in my craft room. I'm like LapTopWandersALOT. LOL

Hope Al had a safe trip home. I'm sure you'll miss your girl, but you know she's well and happy where she is.

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

My girl only gets home every few weeks for a weekend, sometimes only a day, and I miss her like mad when she's gone. Luckily I still have three close to home to soften the blow. I guess my Indian name would be 'Likestokeepherfamilyclose' !

Nancy said...

Oh that Tank is a charmer!

My name would be: SittinAndKnittin

I don't like to knit with bamboo yarn OR needles, so I am a bad one to ask for any advice.

fancystitching said...

My Indian name would be "Knitsinsteadofcleaning". Perhaps it is an avoidance thing... When the needles are clicking I can't hear the dust screaming, "Clean me!"

SissySees said...

Look inside the brown bag.

I'm glad you had a great visit. You'll see her again soon, right?

I didn't like knitting socks with bamboo and frogged... and haven't used the yarn for anything else.

kathy b said...

All of your Indian names are amazing. !!!!
I think I may need a few names.
Channon I loved what was in the leaf bag...including the polka dots!

I think the bamboo is destined for a lovely drapey shawl.

Nicole said...

That is lovely yarn! And the bag looks gorgeous, too!

I love snuggling with cats. At least when I'm not knitting...

elns said...

That's a great photo of Tank and Al together! They are both beautiful! I want to cry for you missing her :(

FancyStitching took my Indian Name, so I'll have to go with QueenofCatchUp

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