Friday, September 20, 2013

5 Stars *****

 My Al arrived many hours late and not one bit less darling. 
Suffice to say It's a 5 Star Weekend for me  when we are all home together.  
Ina Garten's Butterflied Grilled Chicken was outstanding.
5 Stars and I will make it for special occasions again without a doubt.  I used a 4 and a half pound Capon from the Poultry  store in town.  They bone the whole roaster and it is cooks nice and evenly on the grill butterflied out.  
 Pie and Rozzy got some chicken bits too for a treat. 
 I don't like chopping broccoli so I gave each of us a bundle on our plates.  I cooked them that way Too.  

I just heard my neighbor give out a scream and I can bet you he got skunked.  The skunks around our area seem to have had a prolific summer.   Everyone walks with flashlights at night to stay alert.  

The trouble with monogamous knitting is that I fear you get bored with my start to finish projects.  Sorry! 

I will certainly finish the baby blanket tonight or tomorrow.  It cooled off finally and its perfect for blanket knitting. I'm holding off on a new knitup until the swaps get back to me.  I'm sure I will be inspired by something in those envelopes  
There is a campfire in our weekend plans too.  
It seems like a long long time ago when the weekend was the workend.  I am still so grateful to be off on weekends. 
What do you have planned? 


Katherine said...

Your chicken sounds wonderfully yummy and I love broccoli served that way!

So glad Al got home safely. I know your weekend will be super special. I have a new book waiting and I am being called to by some unfinished socks in the stash cabinet. DH will be taking advantage of the new cooler weather on the golf course so I can knit and read and relax. Great weekends all around!

Nancy Kay said...

Glad you are enjoying Al's visit!

This weekend looks to be beautiful weather. Wish I was going out-n-about, but will probably be home. I'll catch a little football this weekend, the home team here, and the Broncos on Sunday.

SissySees said...

It's going to rain tomorrow. The walk is in jeopardy. We'll have a good one tonight just in case.

The girls have made their last-ever trip to work. Cry. End of an era.

Mereknits said...

Hmmm nothing that fun, possibly some cleaning of outdoor furniture, yuck can't stand the mold and mildew in Florida. hooray for Al and her return home. Just being in the house all together will be such a treat.

Araignee said...'ve made me hungry!

This weekend I am looking forward to planting myself in front of the TV with lots of knitting because it's supposed to rain. It better rain. I need a day to do nothing.
Have a great weekend with the family!

Anonymous said...

Your chicken looks DELICIOUS and I'm glad the kitties got a little treat too.

Up for us this weekend? College football. Steve and I are going to the Stetson game with friends. Then on Sunday --- knit, knit and MORE knit.

Nancy said...

Heat up the grill because I am coming over for some 5 Star Chicken!!

I plan to relax this weekend with a book (or two) and my knitting.

Enjoy your time with Al

SapphireBlue said...

Oh man! That chicken looks so good! Flood update: We have sewer service back!! I love indoor plumbing!

Nicole said...

WOW, that looks like super tasty chicken! And I have begun to agree with you on cutting broccoli. I guess enough people feel this way that the grocery stores can get away with selling pre-chopped veg these days.

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