Saturday, August 03, 2013

Sweeter Than Honey

 I read about some honey in Midwest Living Magazine.
I ordered some from Cedar Creek Apiaries in Iowa. 
I managed to catch Carol at the honey house by phone. She said this was most unusual. She is usually OUT WITH THE BEES.  
Fireman loves honey on his oatmeal.
Carol takes your order and you pay nothing until the honey arrives. 
She has three blends: 
Basswood with linden blossom
Summer with classic clover and summer flowers
Wildflower with clover and goldenrod.

The honey arrived quickly. 
Fireman loves it. 
Give Carol a call: 
563 252 3220

Now what's sweeter than honey?
Our pets

My sister the Veterinarian told me about some
sayings they now teach kids for dog bite safety. 

If a dog approaches and you sense he is a danger:
Lie like a log
(cover your neck)
Tall as a Tree
(cover your neck) 
and DONT move. 

By standing still you take the prey instinct away. 

It is so sad that humans don't help their dogs enough and bites are still such a problem. 

German Shepard's lead the pack in most dog bites yearly. 
My sister's shepard is a honey. She'd never bite...

So that's what I got for  you here at IRISHEYES 
tomorrow: Let the knitting resume


Alyssa said...

Fresh honey is the best! I've been trying to find someone near me but I have to use up the emergency stash of store bought honey... that could be a while.

SissySees said...

Supposedly, local honey is best for helping with allergies. I love peanut butter and honey sammies.

Gg wants to know what wee dogs should do to avoid bites. (Ummm... not slip her harness?)

Mereknits said...

As you know my Max does not like kids, he tells them that all the time but they don't listen to him. So he has taught himself to go away from them, which I think is pretty amazing.

Crafty in the Med said...

Hello Kathy
Thank you so much for following my blog. After two years of blogging I am still amazed that some people out there want to read my posts!

I'm a great believer in using honey in food,desserts and medicinal uses so Carol's blends sound absolutely delicious.
I do like what you sister is teaching the children what an excellent idea. One hears frequent cases of children being attacked by pitbulls or similar breeds. I lay the blame totally at their owner's dootstep. My niece has a pitbull terrier called Maggie and she is the softest sweetest thing with kiddies.

If you have a moment pop into my blog as I have a giveaway on the go.

keep well

Amanda :-)

Grayseasailor said...

Sweet! Honey is an amazing substance, and I'm glad you found such a good source.

Thanks for passing along your sister's advice. I want to pass it on to my Grands.

Gracie xx

Nancy said...

Nothing like fresh honey on a slice of buttered, homemade bread - yum!

I'm curious is the photo of your sister's dog? Just curious because it doesn't look like a German Shepherd.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I know the Fireman feels so special with that wonderful honey! Very sweet of you, Kathy.

Good advice for the biting issue. Look forward to the knitting to resume! blessings ~ tanna

Katherine said...

DH uses honey in his oatmeal so I may try that.

Our oldest son was bitten by a German Shepard when he was a young boy delivering newspapers. He has never liked or owned dogs since then. We even bought him a German Shepard but it didn't work for him. Macy and Max would never bite but they might lick someone to death!

Anonymous said...

I love honey on my oatmeal too. It is really good on Greek yogurt too.

We usually buy orange blossom honey, but I have a real fondness for tupelo honey when I can get it.

Dog bites are a real problem here. Too many people are getting seriously hurt by roving packs of large dogs (mostly pit bull mixes).

Nancy Kay said...

I love getting honey from the locals here. So yummy.

Cute picture of the dog...looks like a chocolate lab.

Judy S. said...

Sounds very tasty! Have fun with your sis!

Araignee said...

I replace the molasses in gingerbread with honey and it is yummo.
The Mister was a letter carrier for 35 years so he has had his share of dog bites. The first time I ever saw him he was getting attacked by a herd of Pekinese. Today he comes in with a snake bite (he's fine) from the woods. Men.

SapphireBlue said...

Yummy! I love how you were able to support a small business owner, and get some goodies in return.

Nicole said...

I'll have to try honey on oatmeal - that sounds good!

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