Friday, August 23, 2013

Nothing But Questions

 Happy Friday.  
 I've got questions for you:

*What' the longest straight needle you can comfortably knit on? 
 *I found some sugar cane yarn in my stash yesterday.  What would you knit with such slippery yarn? It misbehaved so badly when I tried to wind it, I was quickly disenchanted with it.  I think it would make a soft cowl I could wear around my sensitive neck....
I could force some shape upon it if I ribbed with it...

*Have you heard your favorite birds this summer? No loons in our summer this year but these lovelies from my sister make me want to play a silly loon cd I bought years ago. 

*Have you watched a MOVIE being filmed?
Which one? 
It is awfully tedious and slow....
There's another movie being shot in Chicago this weekend.  

*Do you have a favorite LIGHTly scented candle? Sometimes even CLEAN LINEN is too strong for me.  Seems there are a thousand Clean Linens out there now. 
We can open the windows for today and tomorrow during a break from the heat and I'd like to light some candles....
maybe they have a candle called 



Mereknits said...

Hmmmmm... so many questions. No on the movie, 14" straights, yarn that doesn't want to be wound does better in a ball than a cake, a cowl sounds beautiful and ocean tide/sea salt for the candle, it is fresh and light.

Nancy Kay said...

I've been knitting with circulars for quite a while now...and so the shorter the straight needles, the happier I am. I prefer them 10" or shorter.

Knitting a cowl with your slippery yarn sounds like a great idea.

I've never seen a movie being made on location, although some have been shot near here.

There are soooo many scents for candles, I can't even begin to give a suggestion. I always think the clean linen scent will smell better than it does...LOL. I'm all for the open window scent!

Mrs. Micawber said...

Can't help you on the needle question - though like Nancy Kay I've been using circulars for a while (for my one or so knitting project a year) and am kind of hooked on short needles. Love Knot crochet stitch might work for your slippery yarn - you could probably get a small shawl out of it with what you have there. Yes (I think) on the movie - though it was decades ago and I can't even remember the title, and yes it was tedious (as you say) in the making. No candles for me! Too many allergies and fragrance sensitivities. I am an olfactory wimp and prefer the smell of baking as a house scent. How about simmering some citrus and/or spices on your stovetop? :)

SapphireBlue said...

I would say about a 10 inch needle would be the longest. Mostly, I use circular.

My daughter played a small part in a movie where she played Christian Bale's son. The movie making process was fascinating. Christian Bale is gorgeous!

Katherine said...

The only straights I own are 7 inch and that's about all I can manage. I didn't have any luck with the sugar cane yarn, in fact I thought it was horrible and never went back to it.

My favorite home scent is Sage and Citrus by Yankee Candle. I use that scent all over the house. Yankee Candle loves me because I buy their sprays and oils in Sage and Citrus by the dozen. I should have stock in the company!

suburban prep said...

Saw a few movies being filmed.
Lived in LA for a yr after college but the majority of the movies was back home (Ordinary People--I was in High school, Uncle Buck and Home Alone).
Straight needles I do not usually like anything over 12 inches though I prefer 9 inches or circular crystal palace bamboo.
Your idea regarding the cowl is a great one.
As for candle scents I don't do well with scents --too many allergies.

bmom said...

14 inch straights. I tuck the right needle under my arm and get more speed (but not in lace).

Anonymous said...

My longest needles are size 8 14" needles. I haven't used them in years though. I usually use circulars for any big needle knitting.

I don't do candles anymore. I use to LOVE Yankee Candles, but they really give me a terrible headache now. So, if I want fresh air .... I open a window.

Araignee said...

I also like to tuck my long (14") needles under my arm when I use them but I admit to being spoiled by my circs so I hardly use them anymore even though I paid a fortune for the set. I like long needles best when I am doing a side to side type shawl.
I would knit something for my neck with that yarn also. I ate itchy yarn around my face.
I saw a movie being made in New Orleans once. I didn't look like fun. Everyone was yelling at each other.
Birds? We have sea gulls that yap all day but it is the eagles I hear most since I have to make sure they don't eat the little doggies when we are out.
As for candles, I use Yankee Candles Patchouli in the summer to cover the AC stink. I used to burn incense in the summer but I was afraid the neighbors would think I was a pot head. That is until I found the marijuana plant staked in their tomato patch. The funny thing about that is that the cable guy spray painted it when he marked their lawn. It's still there painted orange. Seriously.

Judy S. said...

I'm getting so I prefer circular needles now too. We saw a movie being filmed once while in London, a Dan Brown one. Don't know about your slippery yarn, but I think I just ordered some of it!? DH really doesn't like the smell of candles so we don't burn them often, and when we do they aren't the "smelly" ones.

SissySees said...

I don't like long straight needles. I have some 14" needles, but I hate them with a white, hot passion.

Don't like slippery yarn.

Several movies have been filmed around podunk, but I've never WATCHED them being filmed.

The Knight would be your candle-talk guy. He likes sweet scents, from florals to foods.

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