Friday, August 30, 2013

Happy Last Friday in AUGUST 2013

First up: All of the swappers will get an email from me today with the details. :) 
IF you are Leslie or Alyssa I need your addresses again pluh-ease. We've got a really nice group.  I've got the envelopes almost ready to go - 

This is one of the monster moths that freaked me out 2 nights ago outside the porch screen. Oh Beatles so wanted to catch one. Tank prefers to eat them. 
Pie prefers to eat this bow rather than wear it. I found it on a walk the other day and its just her size.  
Yes I tried to make her wear it..again. 

I'm starting another gansey hat today!  I found some great yarn at Mosaic on sale today. 

What makes new yarn so enticing?????????
I have to cast on this afternoon!!


SapphireBlue said...

It's so darn hot here. Not getting outside much.

Nancy said...

I haven't seen any of the large moths yet, but the miller moths are migrating. The mountains must be cooling off too much for them. They arrive here in early June in mass on their way TO the mountains, and in the Fall on their way FROM the mountains. I wonder where they winter?

Anonymous said...

I think it must be the wool fumes. LOL Good luck with your new cast on!

Pie is SO adorable.

Our neighbor adopted a dog last weekend. "Marty" is so sweet. He is supposed to be German Shepard/Boxer mix, but I suspect there is a little pit bull in there too. He has a massive head. LOL We are looking forward to seeing our new furry-neighbor often.

Judy S. said...

That is one HUGE moth! Love that little Pie; what a cutie. Have fun with your new hat!!!

Katherine said...

My little Max loves to eat those big moths if he gets to them before I do. The dog has a bug fetish! The bugs must be all protein though because none of them have made him sick--yet.

I'm looking forward to the swap!!

elns said...

I love that snoopy sticker and your bow eating cat! Thanks for organizing this swap. I'm excited and intrigued! New Yarn is dreamy!

Araignee said...

Looks like Mothra has landed. Have you seen two tiny little girls running around and singing? Just kidding. I loved that movie.

SissySees said...

Gretchen chases the moths... or tries to. Moth hunting is hard when you're vertically challenged!

Pie is super-cute!!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

LOL! Love Pie with her bow. Sweetness. That is a HUGE moth! Wow! Yarn just IS enticing. ;) blessings ~ tanna

Bridget said...

I am feeling today like I'm going to live, thankfully, but can't wait to enjoy the swap vicariously. :-)

Pie with the bow is the best!

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