Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Stiches on the Road

 This driver amused us for many miles on our drive home from Virginia. One of her stickers said, 
:I Knit So I Won't Kill People. 

I tried to show her I was knitting as we passed her, but I she was looking the other way.  
While I was away, a dear friend and vet tech Jamie, 
took care of Pie.  Pie is still tiny and not integrated into the house here.  
She needs to learn the house room by room. 
I knit her dog, Chico, a Linus sweater while we were on the road.  (Beatles wanted to be on the blog post so he is sitting by the sweater.)

The trip involved some knitting and some ripping. 
More knitting than ripping.  

Here are the stats: 
*Drove 15 hours 45 minutes from Suffolk Virginia, to Chicago with Fireman.  We took turns, traveled safely and napped in the back seat while the other one drove.  We averaged 65 mph. 

*We saw a huge dead black bear on our side of the highway in Virginia.  Poor beautiful bear, poor driver of the vehicle that hit it....

*We packed our sandwiches and never did a McDonald's stop the whole way. This is a huge first for us.   I maintained my SODA free streak. 
I nearly caved twice, but I persevered. 

*We stayed at the Boar's Head Inn in Charlottesville and it was so very nice.  I call it the Kohler of Virgnia. 

*The Blue Ridge Mountains are beyond pretty. 

*It is a little daunting when the cell phone maps director says, "Drive for 188 miles then turn left" 

and finally
*we had a display of fireflies all along the roadside once the sunset on Sunday.  It was magical. 

There's no place like home. 

(Road trip reports anyone?) 


Nancy Kay said...

I like that knitting sticker!! LOL. Sounds like you had a good road trip. My longest road trip of the summer has been to Denver, which is about 400 miles away. If there's one notable surprise along the way, it's seeing camels, yes camels, in a field near the CO/WY border. Seems so out of place!

Nancy said...

Took a quick road trip to Yellowstone Natl. Park on Sunday with my sisters. Round trip (one day) with sight-seeing was nearly 13 hours. We packed in a lot of stops and saw some beautiful country.

SissySees said...

Kohler? What's a Kohler?

You already know I'm a BHI fan. I'm glad you enjoyed it too. I should have thought to tell you to ask about their restaurant week menu!

kathy b said...


Kohler is a manufacturer of Faucet and Baths. The village in wisconsin is beautiful with a championship golf course, actually 2 courses. it is very similar to The Boars Head in many ways . Google it; it lovely

kathy b said...
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SapphireBlue said...

I'm so glad you got to visit Virginia. I lived there for 7 years, and I loved all the history there.

Mereknits said...

I lived in Virginia for 18 months and fell in love with the state, The Blue Ridge Mountains and the parkway were where I tried to hang out, so, so gorgeous. My nephew works for Kohler, he seems to think they are a great company. And my friend I definitely knit and crochet so I don't kill people, really mostly family members.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I saw one of those stickers last week!! I am sure we need one, too (or maybe I should only speak for myself here)! LOL! No road trips here lately. Planes. I've made the trip from here to VA many times... it's a long haul. Glad you had more knitting than tinking. blessings ~ tanna

Katherine said...

Thanks for sharing your road trip because there are none happening here this summer!! We have commitments here this summer so I'm sending DD to Chicago to snuggle the new baby. I need a sticker that says, "I knit to avoid working!"

So glad little Pie had loving care while you were gone. The dog sweater is darling!

elns said...

Kathy to go the road trip w/o a Soda is so impressive. Super congrats to you. I don't mean to sound patronizing, I'm truly proud of you. What delicious drinks and concoctions have you come up with to replace your old beloved "you know what"? Inquiring minds want to know ...

Lynn said...

Road trips are fun! But I don't usually drive that far in one sitting! The most I like to spend in a car is 10 hours so I plan accordingly. That being said, did you plan your stop or did you just wing it??

Any yarn shop stops along the way??

No roadtrips planned for the summer, but I'm mentally planning one in Nov or Dec.

Araignee said...

Wow...that's some trip and with a dead bear? That is just crazy.
I haven't been on a road trip in years-too many frail critters to leave behind but I did drive to Mexico once right after my mom died. Dad and I just packed up and went. That was a terrible idea on so many levels. We laugh about it now. Especially the part where I left him at a gas station in Tennessee-on purpose. Don't even ask.

Anonymous said...

Not yet.

Our next road trip is in late August.

gMarie said...

We never drive straight through anywhere and I never drive. I make JB crazy when I drive, so he drives and I knit. Every once in a while he'll ask how my tension is doing.

Glad you had a wonderful time. g

Kym said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! Welcome home.

Nicole said...

I need one of those bumper stickers! Also, that's a lot of time in the car. I don't know how you did it...

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