Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Socks and Mortality

I am knitting Footlets with the Lakeshore 
Knitpicks Sockyarn. 


Pondered what to do with old single socks.
Felt twinge of pain around my heart.
Realized I am emotionally connected to each sock I knit no matter how long ago.
Recalled how I wanted to turn a heel on my bucket list. 
Rationalized that single socks in drawer are no longer a pair. 

Contemplated keeping all single socks.
Imagined those socks in my casket someday.
Imagined family/friends shaking their heads and rolling their eyes instead of Kneeling prayerfully beside me. 

Felt icky thinking about death.  
Made decision to think only about 
sock death. 

Also realized they cover your feet up in that casket. 
Imagined socks in my hands instead of a rosary.
Made second decision to get off the coffin

Made mental note that Huck's ashes are going in that casket someday, hopefully a long long day from now.
Realized socks and Huck will be great companions along the journey to Heaven.  

Decided to toss the single socks ......
Unable to do it. 

Cut little hearts out of the felted single socks...
Planned to put them on packages for decor. 

Decided this post was a direct result of Allison sending me a picture of her patient's tattoo:
a huge Herse
with the inscription:
Don't ever laugh when a herse goes by....

 Recalled her patient was thrilled that Al knew the song and Al gave me all the credit.

Pondered: If the Long Island Medium ever comes to my family after my death, she will be really confused....
"Socks, was there something about socks?
I'm seeing beautiful socks..."


Grace said...

i will never have an open coffin---we never did in the family until my sister Barbara's death in January--her coffin was cluttered with cigerettes, bourbon, playing cards, bingo chips countless notes, a couple of stuffed animals and small flower bouquets. NO open coffin for me,

I am blogging again--gracey54.wordpress.com

no spring chicken said...

I laughed! Loved this post and could unfortunately totally relate. :)

Blessings, Debbie

Mereknits said...

Oh my goodness you are giving me a laugh today. I think it is perfectly fine to have all those socks with you in your casket. I am not taking them with me as I am going to be cremated so I wouldn't want them to burn up.

SapphireBlue said...

You are going to live forever, I won't think otherwise.

Katherine said...

You have me laughing this morning Kathy!! But don't you know that these days there are no dead socks! People are wearing two different socks as a fad and I'm thinking "I've done that all my life and thought nothing of it." So put on two different socks and dance around the house singing, "Don't ever laugh when a dead sock walks by."

Donna Boucher said...

Socks... Was there something about socks?? Oh my gosh! Perfect punch line!!

Donna Boucher said...

Btw. I would have worn them mismatched.

Nicole said...

No Christmas stockings made from single socks? I agree that mis-matched socks could become a pair to themselves.

Araignee said...

Hilarious! I have a pair of felted socks in a basket at the foot of my bed that will probably be there forever. I don't have the heart to toss them.
I never thought of asking my family to cover me in my handknits before shoving me in the oven. It's a thought.

Nancy said...

I love the image of the Medium pondering "socks, lots of socks!"

Who cares about mismatched socks - wear them and laugh at life! Dust your furniture with them, put them on the legs of furniture - use them and enjoy!

Karezybear said...

Btw, all the teens where mismatched socks! So, keep on wearing them:)

Lynn said...

I say keep the singles and marry them off with other singles. A pair is a pair is a pair!!!

Though I had to laugh abt putting the socks in the casket. I've just recently had this conversation with a few ppl. A dear friend's dad passed away in Nov and we were helping her plan the funeral, the wake afterward, the food before, etc. I've already said that I dont want to be at my own funeral. Once I die I want to be cremated in the cheapest way possible!!! If I could I'd bring my own box! Then have a memorial talk abt all the lovely things I've done in my life. Afterward have a party!! Celebrate life!

A friend then asked me if I wanted flowers at my funeral. I said that was up to them. Whatever they wanted or needed worked for me. Another friend said she wasnt getting me flowers, she was bringing a bouquet of yarn!!! LOVE that idea!

Kym said...

Such a great post! Charming and thoughtful! Save the Socks!

SissySees said...

I like this post. I haven't thought much about my own death/funeral. The Knight has a burial plot at the family spot. I don't. My father was DEAD AGAINST being cremated; said he spent his life trying not to get burned up, so why on earth?? The Knight shares that view.

kathy b said...


Im commenting late on your comment. THanks for the permission to wear mismatched socks and look cool.......
by the time I do it , it won't be the fad anymore

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