Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday Surmising

 My watermelon Knitpicks Sock yarn will not wait.
I'm casting on today.  

Apparently there is more to making a great cake
than the great pans. 

I LOVE my Pampered Chef cake pans. 
I made the white cake from a mix, and
the frosting, (Key lime) from a 
It was O-----kay.  
Do you have a frosting recipe from scratch that can't be beat?

Update: no root canal just yet! 
Trialing temporary crown for a month. :) 

Did you know the dentist gave me my old crown with the gold fill and told me to take it to a jeweler. He said I'd get about 20 bucks for it?

Was he kidding me?
Have you ever??

I've renamed the foster kitty:
Magpie just didnt fit.  
Her name is Y'all.
(Y'all come here...Y'all so sweet...Y'all 
gonna make it) 

That's All All Ya'll 


Araignee said...

Love the sock yarn. Love the cake.
Happy Saturday!

Katherine said...

Ya'll so sweet too!! Love the sock yarn. I would have to knit with it right away also! The dentist once offered me my gold crown. I took it but I threw it in a drawer and don't know where it is now. I guess I just can't see myself taking it to a jeweler!

Nancy Kay said...

I received your package today! Yippee! What fun! The little strawberry stitch markers are adorable. Love the other enclosures too! The coasters are so unusual...should be a conversation starter! Can't wait to try the Godiva Pearls...and the beaded stitch markers will jazz up my next project. Many, many thanks!!!

Love the watermelon yarn, so I can see why you are anxious to get in on the needles! Key lime frosting...well, it sounds delicious. I wonder if there's a great homemade recipe "out there" for that. Your cake stand is cute!!

Judy S. said...

I can see why you are anxious to cast on this yarn; I might just have to get some! Love the new kitty name!
(My favorite icing is powdered sugar and enough lemon juice to make it spreadable; I'll be you could use lime juice also. It's great on brownies!)

Nancy said...

I have the same yarn in my stash; perhaps, I'll cast on a pair of socks with it this week.

At that price, I have enough gold crowns in my head to purchase quite a bit of yarn. They have served me well since the 70s.

gMarie said...

I knit that watermelon yarn into socks earlier this year. It's very fun - but don't use a pattern that's too busy.

I have never had a gold crown given back, but why not? And yea for no root canal for now.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend! g

Anonymous said...

I'm with ya on the pampered chef pans and no he wasn't kidding. I've never done it but my mom has several pieces made from dental gold.

Anonymous said...

I hate when you make a dessert and it's just O-kay. :-( Maybe the next one will be better.

Y'all is a much better name.

Love the sock yarn. Can't wait to see the socks.

SissySees said...

No go-to frosting recipe here. Not a fan of the super-sweet stuff.

LOVE Y'all for a name!

Alyssa said...

Y'all is such a witty name! Also I love that sock yarn. It just seems like summer.

Lynn said...

I cant wait until I see how that watermelon knits up!!!

And while I never heard of selling your gold crown, it makes sense, esp with the price of gold these days!! Kudos for your dentist's honesty! He could have kept it and sold it himself!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Love Y'all!! LOL! A southern fav! That sock yarn is delicious... fresh as a watermelon! I'm proud he gave you the crown instead of cashing it in himself. hee hee. blessings ~ tanna

SapphireBlue said...

I love my Pampered Chef stoneware. I have tons of it.

Nicole said...

Yay watermelons yarn!

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