Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nothing But Questions

 *How can my neighbor's Goat's Beard be doing so much better than mine? (oops thou shalt not covet thy neighbors plants) 
 *I am working on my own round toe instructions.
(Does this make me a designer?) 

*Why does it take so long to plan and cook dinner, yet we eat in about 5 minutes? 

*Why does the hummingbird visit my feeder some nights and not others?  
*Do the Blackhawks keep winning because I go to bed before the games are over?

*and finally, why haven't I seen any fireflies this summer? 


no spring chicken said...

I don't know the answer to all of your questions but I am SURE that you are the reason the Night Hawks are losing. Selfish.

:) Debbie

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh...all I can say is, "BOSTON! You're KILLIN' me here!"

Congrats to your Blackhawks.

Never heards of Goatbeard. It's kinda pretty! Hope yours gets going soon.

Nancy said...

Great questions. . .

I haven't seen a firefly in years - they don't visit WY.

suburban prep said...

The fireflies are around. I saw some last year.

I am constantly calling my husband asking what he wants for dinner. We have the hardest time deciding. I like it when it is something take out then we do not have to decide (until we are there).

As for the Hawks they are causing palpitations with these games.

Anonymous said...

I saw a firefly yesterday. Why's your neighbor's plant doing better? I think it's because there is some sort of rule, sort of like no matter which line you get into at the grocery store, it's the slowest one. I dunno.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

We saw our first fireflies Friday night!! LOVE to see them... they signal summer and fun!

Is it wrong for me to covet YOUR neighbor's Goat's Beard? ;) blessings ~ tanna

SissySees said...

The only lightning bug I've seen splattered on my windshield. Boo.

Can't answer any of your questions!

Nancy Kay said...

I don't have many answers today...but , Yes, I think you could be considered a designer!!

Katherine said...

We have fireflies but not as many as usual! Blackhawks? I don't know, but I can say for certain that Phil Mickelson only wins when I don't watch him play! He can be 5 strokes in the lead and as soon as I start watching, the wheels come off!

I can't wait to see the sock toe pattern from designer Kathyb!!

Frieda said...

We haven't seen any fireflies either , I'm thinking it has something to do with our wet , cool spring . We have a field across from our house and there are usually lots there in an evening . I sit outside to see them until the mosquitos find me .

As for the Blackhawks keep going to bed early , would love to see them win ;-) . Sorry Dee....

Sue said...

Our neighbors plants all look better than mine because he doesn't have ten dogs trampling them.

Yes, that does make you a designer.

The cooking vs eating thing is because life isn't fair.

Your hummingbird probably has a route that he covers and only hits you every third night.

We haven't seen any fireflies this year either. We've been wondering what happened to them.

PLEASE, PLEASE stay up for the next game so Boston can win.

elns said...

Okay I'm muttering Goat's Beard like rainman now. Happy?? ;) I am superstitious about who is in the room and conscious when viewing sports as well. Go Blackhawks! (for me Dad) Check your ravelry inbox!! I think your luck is shiny good this week!

Teri said...

Do not covet thy neighbor's plants --that's a good one. Yes, you qualify as a designer. We don't get fireflies around here; if we did, and I stopped seeing them, I would miss them too. There's a song by Dan Zanes called "Firefly". I love it.

Mereknits said...

Why does my next door neighbor have a huge, beautiful bougainvillaea, and I have a little one in a pot that the deer destroy? Yes you are a designer and don't mess with the Blackhawks, go to bed early.

gMarie said...

yes, crafting your own round toe instructions makes you a designer.

I think the blackhawks winning is a combo of the fact that you go to bed before it's over and my husband desperately wants the Bruins to win.

I've often wondered the same thing about dinner - hours to plan, prep, cook and clean up - gone in minutes. I'm trying hard to eat slower and more consciously.


Lynn said...

I love your sock yarn! I had to LOL at the Blackhawks winning streak and you going to bed early. I've had teams like that too!

We don't get any fireflies here in Florida. They are what I look forward to when we visit NY in the summer. Do you think the weather has affected their arrival?

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