Friday, May 10, 2013

My Mother Motto : BE GOOD TO YOU

I hope my children remember me telling them : 


If we can't be good to ourselves as Mom's we can't show our children how to be great parents someday. 
If we can't be good to ourselves, then we can't show our children the importance of self-care. 
If we can't be good to ourselves, then we can't teach them how to combat burnout.  

"Be nice to you or Be good To You" 
is something I tell my family and my dear friends when they are having a rough day. 

Be as nice to you as you would be to a friend in the same spot. 

Here are5 Ways to Be Nice to YOU!

*By Yarn... 
we spend less on yarn than a round of golf, and we end up with something lasting.  

*Shut it all out and Shut if all off.
Sometimes 10 minutes of quiet can change your mindset. 
Sit on your porch, sit by a stream, 
shut the radio off in the car, 
or shut of the TV for a bit. 
Quiet is soothing in my book. 

*Talk to yourself the way you would talk to a dear friend. 

*My Nana kept her hair looking wonderful into her 90s. 
She dressed well and she used so much foundation my mother swore she drank it!  
But she cared about herself and her looks. 
She once quipped, "I need my lipstick" before she let the paramedics in to attend to her ...
She was a great example to us.

*Say no to something without an excuse. 
Allow yourself to say no. Nicely of course- 

*Sleep in or take a nap. 
You know I believe in naps. 

*How will YOu be good to YOu today?


Teri said...

Wonderful suggestions -- I really liked the one about taking a few quiet moments to change your mindset...

Nancy said...

Great tips, Kathy

I slept later today simply because I could and because it felt right.

Mereknits said...

I agree with the yarn. I know everyone is stash busting, but yarn keeps me sane, so I say buy yarn if you need it, if you want to shop your stash first great, but allow yourself yarn if you need it.
Happy Mother's Day,

Anonymous said...

I'm ALWAYS good to myself. LOL

This morning we had some work done in the yarn and the workman cut through our cable. No phone, no TV and no internet.

It was a gloriously quiet morning of knitting and listening to the birds. I could HEAR a woodpecker and I caught a brief glimpse of him, but could not photograph him.

It was a wonderful morning and by 2 PM the cable people were here to fix the broken cable.


suburban prep said...

A friend of mine always says that her vice is yarn. Not drugs or alcohol so she figures she can buy yarn. It is pretty and it makes you happy. I agree in that you do get an item that you get to keep too.

If you don't take care of yourself you can not take care of others. I am trying to take care of myself on top of tending to my parents and to other family members. Not always easy.

Mrs. Micawber said...

I too like the 10 minutes of quiet. ("Turn off your computer and all your electronic handheld gadgets" might be a good addition to that list.) :)

Sleeping in - YES! I practice that one as often as possible.

Happy Mother's Day to you.

Katherine said...

I think I would have been madly in love with your Nana!! I feel the same way about makeup and sometimes feel it I'm being frivolous but I can't help it! I don't go anywhere without "putting my face on and the lipstick is freshened just before backing out of the driveway. DH laughs about it--"look out she is going to back out as soon as she gets her lipstick on!" Thank you for making me feel better about myself and for some very good advice!! Happy Mother's Day Kathy!

Araignee said...

Lovely post and oh, so needed here. I've been run ragged doing for others and I'm worn out. Starting tomorrow, I'm putting me first for a while. If I don't, there soon won't be any me for anyone else.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Lazily enjoying my coffee and blog reading... ;) Happy Mother's Day, Kathy. blessings ~ Tanna

Nancy Kay said...

Wonderful post, Kathy!! It IS so important to be good to ourselves. I treat myself to quite time every day, and if it can be outside, all the better. I also love those occasional naps or sleeping in. Yep, and got to have a face on...freshen up that lipstick! And smile!!

Happy Mother's Day to you!

LouLou said...

I especially like the buy yarn part and that's just what I did today!

gMarie said...

very good advice. I always say "be good to you" to my friends. It's good advice.

Today to be good to me, I've done the following:

*finished reading my book
*called a friend and had a lovely conversation
*had the hubby cook breakfast and dinner :)
*hung laundry on the clothes line

happy mother's day! g

Judy S. said...

Happy Mom's Day, Kathy!

Lynneb said...

Excellent observations...moms deserve to take care of themselves!

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