Monday, April 01, 2013

On My Way to Find One Thing, I Found Another

Crazy Good Looking Brownies at Sweet Mandy  B's in Lincoln Park yesterday. 

 I call this the Fun Finder Phenomenon.  
It is the only reason I get up to look through the boxes in the basement.  While looking for AL's College Diploma I stumbled upon Anna Tillman's Knitted Socks book.  Fun fun fun......more on this later in the week. 
For now, the twins' cabled hats are my focus. 
I loved these twin beach houses in Virginia Beach.  I take my color cue from images like this one:  Aqua, sand, and white and sky blue....such a soothing mix.  
On my way to find a cute image of Al at the Beach
I found the landscape feature on my new cheap o camera. 
This is a great fun feature....
and yes, I think she's a cutie!!!

What have you found while looking for something entirely different lately?  


SissySees said...

I found a BIRTHDAY card a friend sent me last summer while I was decluttering the stuff on my end table.

I do love beach-inspired colors, and that photo of Al is sweet too.

Grayseasailor said...

I found the pearls my youngest daughter gave me to wear for her wedding!

Thanks for bringing my attention to the color combinations and angles of your photos which helps me better understand why I enjoy viewing them, Kathy.


Nancy Kay said...

The color of the twin houses is really appealing, for sure. I want to use aqua and white on a neck cowl here soon. I haven't found the right shade of aqua yet.

I found pictures that brought back memories of mountain climbing.

I like the picture of Al. The camera is working well.

Katherine said...

Al certainly is a cutie!! I have to look for that feature on my camera.

I wasn't looking for it but while I was clearing weeds from the garden so I can plan this year's planting, I discovered that we still have lettuce growing in the garden. It must be the weird Texas weather! We also had cilantro grow through the winter and is still going strong. Such a fun discovery!!

Mereknits said...

Love those beach houses, and really is there ever a bad picture of Al? She is adorable.

Araignee said...

Lovely beach pictures. I love a good beach house.
While looking through the ancient baby pictures the other night, I found some photo magnets I had been looking for. Now how did they get off the fridge and into that box?

Sarah said...

Great beach photo! Kinda like ours except your house is way nicer. Our rental was a little funky.

Dee said...

Well, it wasn't while looking for something different, but if you read my blog post for today, you'll see I found something too. LOL

Love the twin houses. I was never really a beach person in the past, but now I'm enjoying it more and more. We go to the beach almost every weekend.

iknead2knit said...

Ummm. When rooting through my pantyhose trying to find a pair without a hole yesterday, I found a mesh bag that will be perfect for my handknit socks. Does that count? Thanks for the read and the comment!

Nancy said...

I'd love to have a large porch/balcony like that on my house! I'd be out there all the time - knitting, reading, napping, visiting, and sipping iced tea. Aaaah, that would be the life.

I found a stitch counter that misplaced ages ago. How on earth it landed in the box is beyond me.

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Nicole said...

I love those houses! They would be great in beach weather, and are a fabulous color inspiration.

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