Monday, April 15, 2013

Knitting and Baking

 The Master's party at friend Mike's house was fun. 
This is our cake and contribution to the day.
I wish I had made devil's food as the DIRT would have looked better inside the hole.  Fireman corrected me, however, seems the cup is white inside the hole anyhow..
The cake was moist as we baked it that morning; and it was enjoyed by all. 
Mike made a pork shoulder in the crock pot with a can of rootbeer and it was outstanding. 
Have you ever?/
 Not much knitting time this weekend as I worked a long shift Saturday until 0300.  Did n't I say I wasn't doing that anymore??  Hmmmmm.  OH well, it was much appreciated at work. 

This is the Linus dog sweater front, from KnitandBake's pattern.  How perfect for this post.  I am excited to knit the CHEST piece and finish it for some lucky pooch. 

Have you done anything with rootbeer lately?  Happy Monday  


Mereknits said...

The cake looks very yummy. Boy the end of the Master's was very exciting, that is the only part I saw.
Glad you had fun, now get some rest.

SissySees said...

Oh I want to try that recipe! I love root beer.

Cute cake! Sweater is stunning too. Lucky dog!

Katherine said...

I love the cake!! Do you believe the ending of that tournament? It was great!!

As for root beer, my favorite thing to do with it is pour it down the drain, but my sweet grandson would have a fit if he heard me say that!

Nancy said...

Cute cake idea!

Root beer is a treat that I allow myself in the evening. It seems to squash my cravings for sweets.

Teri said...

Very intrigued by the root beer idea. I have a couple of pork roasts in the slow cooker right now, trying out a new balsamic vinegar recipe.

Araignee said...

That cake idea would have been prefect for the golf crazy Mister's birthday yesterday. I am definitely filing it away for next year!
Root beer? Hmmmmm....haven't had any in ages but I remember it was good.

Dee said...

Funny you should ask. I had diet root beer with my dinner tonight.

I desperately wanted some soda. So I went ahead and broke my resolution to not. Oh well . . . tomorrow is another day.

LouLou said...

Now this I have to try....root beer and pork in the crock pot! So no other ingredients? Just a can of root beer and the pork? I love root beer. Especially with ice cream. Never had it with pork though but I can't wait to give it a try. Like the little doggie sweater too!

Kym said...

What a clever cake! Just perfect for last weekend's celebration.

Root beer? Mmmm. I like it best in floats.

iknead2knit said...

I love root beer! I used to get root beer barrel penny candy when I was a kid. Wonder if it still exists? I didn't knead the tomato basil bread, I just used the paddle on my mixer. It has two risings, one right after mixing and the second after punching in down from the first. Easy. Thanks for reading and commenting!1301

elns said...

The cake is awesome.

The dog sweater is going to be great. I believe I used that same pattern without the striping and it worked for me.

I like root beer floats You know i like when you've drank most of the root beer and then mix it up a bunch so it has the consistency of a root beer milkshake. So I guess I really like root beer milkshakes ;)

Lynn said...

have heard of the pork loin with coke so I can see how this would work too. never tried it but really want to

SapphireBlue said...

What a great idea for a cake.

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