Monday, April 29, 2013

Inch By Inch

 The gardens got a bit of tending to, yesterday.  I think the garden, in return,  tends to me..  When I plant seeds in the spring earth, it fills me with the simplest joy. 

I planted chives and cilantro near the daffodils.  The rest of my herb plans will have to wait until the danger of frost is well past. 

My baby poncho is coming along inch by inch: 6 inches down, 1 to go before we change it up and knit the collar. 

I had to put my knitting down at one point last night.  We were watching 

:Night of the Grizzlies....

a documentary.  What a story.  Two girls were mauled by Grizzlies in Glacier National Park by two different bears at two different places on the same night.   It was August 13th, 1967.  That would be the eve of my 7th birthday.  

I won't be camping outside bear country. 
Does anyone remember this event?  

Have you had to put your knitting down during a movie lately?


Nancy said...

Yes, it is dangerous to camp in tents in bear country: hard-shell campers are much safer. Two or three years ago, some campers were mauled and killed in their sleep near Yellowstone by a mama grizz and her two cubs. The campers had a clean camp with food stored in bear-proof containers, and officials couldn't understand why the mama grizz attacked, but speculated she was teaching them to hunt.

Nancy Kay said...

Your daffodils are so pretty!!

Yes, we tend to have a new bear story every year in the Yellowstone Park area and in the mountains that stretch out to the southeast. You do have to be very careful!! No camping for me!

Katherine said...

Your daffodils are beautiful. I didn't plant chives and I'm thinking I need to start some. I planted the basil and am praying for nice warm spring weather!!

I do remember the bear mauling because I am a bit older than thou. DH also ran into a couple of the big guys while canoeing in the boundary waters. He says he still dreams about it.

elns said...

The flowers are lovely! Camping in bear country definitely gives me the willies. Do you watch a lot of documentaries? Both my mother and husband are kind of bonkers over them. Love getting a chance to see what you're up to!

SapphireBlue said...

I'm going camping memorial weekend in the Rockies, but fortunately, we'll be in some nice cabins.

Araignee said...

I have been trying to knit and watch the same Dr Who episode on Netflix for most of the evening. It's been one interruption after the other. I give up. I am going to go sulk in the bathtub and try again another night. Grrrr...
Love the daffodils. Ours are gone now and the tulips are on their way out. Now I am looking forward to sticking some annuals in the ground later this week-if it ever warms up.

Judy S. said...

Love those pink and white daffodils! Such a cheery sign of spring....finally!

Anonymous said...

I did some planting yesterday too. I found a ground orchid at Lowe's and it was only $5.00. I split it into two pieces for the front garden, one for a pot in the house and gave two pieces to friends. Not bad for a $5.00 plant. LOL

Your daffodils are BEAUTIFUL. I love that double one. Simply gorgeous.

Haven't had to put down my knitting for a movie, but I did put it down to watch a bit of Dancing With The Stars tonight.

gMarie said...

I bought plants yesterday and the hubby got them all planted. They are in pots and raised beds and I do hope we are safe from frost. We still need more tomatoes, and I'd like potatoes. I'm hoping to have enough fruit and veg this year to do some canning.

Putting my knitting down - just travel. I do not know about the grizzly attacks in Glacier. how scary. g

LouLou said...

We don't need to camp to encounter bears, we have them in our yard most nights during the summer here. Black bears though, not grizzlies. They come for our apple trees and raspberry patch. The scoundrels!

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