Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Fun Wrap Up

 The weekend was what I imagine weekends should be:
Family gathering for a little one's birthday,
meeting old friends for lunch and
some time to knit. 

have started the ruffle part of the shawl in Casbah.

The kittens are almost ready to go back to the shelter. 
They have outgrown the NURSERY and rarely go to their momma for anything.  Lucy Lou is ready, after 8 weeks, to get out of that room.   

Oh boy!  More snow and clouds today......
Oh Spring Where For Art Thou?


gMarie said...

Oh the kittens are adorable. Won't you miss them terribly? I rather enjoy spring snow - but then again, I'm not living somewhere where snow is grey, dirty and piled high. Hang in there - Spring is coming - Wednesday! g

Katherine said...

The kitties are so precious I want to snuggle each one of them. Mega snuggles to Lucy Lou who did a fantastic job!!

I love the sweater being worn in the photo!! I love it so much I'm wearing one just like it today. LOL!

Such is March--spring one day and winter the next. Hold on it's coming!!

Mereknits said...

You are going to miss those kittens so much, they look so soft and sweet. Yummy looking cake.

SissySees said...

Cute kittens, kiddos and pretty sweater indeed! I wish I'd worn a thicker sweater today. Note to self... a thin cowl neck top and a thin cardi aren't as warm as a THICK anything.

Our snow is being washed away by a gross, cold drizzle. I believe it's here through tomorrow. Lovely.

Nancy said...

What sweet little faces - you are going to miss them when they go back to the shelter to find a new home.

Kudos to you and Lucy Lou!

kathy b said...

You know I am actually ready for the kittens to head out! They have outgrown the NURSERY, aka, Al's room. ANd our own Rozzy at 16, is in need of attention again.

THey are a GREAT group of kittens, and they will make someones very happy for a long time.
Happy ENDINGS!!!!

Araignee said...

That cake is killing me. So are those kittens. Best post ever.

Nicole said...

EEEeeeeee! Kittens! So cute.

Nancy Kay said...

You and Lucy Lou have done such a great job in getting the kitties ready to move on. They are soooooo cute!!!

Looks like a fun party...and delicious cake.

Jennifer said...

Kittens and kiddos in one post? Oh my! Looks like great fun.

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