Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The gorgeous green yarn from Ria is quickly knitting up into heavy socks.    These soft beauties will be a treasure to someone.   Tonight the second sock begins......when I knit with heavier weight yarn socks just fly.  

You know what else flies? Me.   I actually enjoy flying now.   Of course I knit in the plane so that's part of the enjoyment.   I didn't fly for many years.  people ask me what made me get on a plane again and you know what?     It is odd, but once Huck died, I felt like I could fly again.  I can't explain it, but shortly after that dear amazing dog died, I told Fireman I would fly again.

I took Xanax for the first few flights and it really helped me.   I think having successes in the air and having the Xanax calm me down gave me confidence.  When the pilot got on the overhead once and said to expect turbulence....I actually said to Firemen " I'm sure they know what they are doing."

I don't need the Xanax to fly anymore but if I get anxious it is there to take.   So have you shocked yourself and conquered a fear ?  


SissySees said...

The Knight had trouble flying until a Pierce (ask Fireman) sales rep got him drunk in an airport lounge a few years back. Now he has no fear of flying.

I had to drive home twice in foul winter weather road conditions recently. I did just fine! (Mugsy and I wrecked on black ice...) Fear conquered.

Araignee said...

My daughter took a plane today to New Orleans and I was a wreck until she called me to say she got there safe and sound. I not only have my fears to conquer but I have fears of other people's fears to conquer. In other words I am a nervous Nelly about pretty much everything.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't fly unless I absolutely had to and Stephen (our son) was with us. Now that he is on his own, I fly anywhere any time.

I guess it was a strange sense of responsibility to him that kept me grounded.

KSD said...

That yarn is a truly beautiful color.

Can't say as I've conquered any fears. . . I certainly have a lot of drugs to go to if I ever try, though.

Mrs. Micawber said...

Gosh, I love flying. And sitting in the airport too - it's like a pleasant little limbo from life where you can knit or crochet all you want because all other responsibilities are temporarily unreachable. :)

One small fear - a very foolish one - was knitting socks. It is one-and-a-half-sock conquered now.

I am horridly afraid of descending hills at speed on my bike. Climbing is great (to a point) but I feel dreadfully unsafe going down the other side.

Mrs. Micawber said...

P.S. Drugs wouldn't be much help for that last one. :)

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I've never really been afraid of flying, but I applaud your conquering that kind of fear!! I DO like to knit while en route... it is a good sedative for me anywhere, anytime. ;) blessings ~ tanna
ps love those socks!!

Nancy said...

I prefer to fly when traveling, but the cost and security hassles don't make it very attractive anymore.

Have fun on your trip!

Alyssa said...

When my boyfriend and I visited Maine, there was a pier that everyone jumped off of. I was kind of scared to do it but went for it, and he said he was impressed that I had just gone for it in one try :)

Ria said...

That yarn looks great all knit up!

Nicole said...

That is fabulous yarn! I love it!

For my, flying is the thing I have conquered as well, though it's not the fear of it so much as the sickness. When I was young, I had a cold/flu once while on a long flight, so naturally I threw up during that flight. Ever since, I associated flying with sickness... it's only recently that I've been able to fly without feeling sick. Needless to say, though, I'm still not a happy flyer.

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