Thursday, February 07, 2013

Let's Be Careful Out There

 How lovely the male Cardinals look in mid-winter. 
This guy rested in our bushes for a good long while yesterday.   He must have known wild weather was coming...
 I used up some yarn to make another cowl for Fireman.  He rides his bike to work even in winter.  I had other plans for this knit up but It ended up being a perfect tightly fitting cowl.  It is just a striped garter tube of 14 inches doubled over on its self for thickness and warmth.  

I cast on 68 stitches (worsted weight)  and knit back and forth on (8)  straights for 14 inches.    I left the live stitches on one needle and used a crochet hook to pick up the other side because I hadn't anticpated the need for a 3 needle bind off at the get-go.  Otherwise I would have used a provisional cast on at the beginning of this neck/face warmer.  

Then I worked the 3 needle bind off.  I simply folded the 14 inch tube over on itself and VOila!  

 With our snow headed to the East Coast,  I pray the first responders have a quiet night of it.  Fireman tells me that even a 10 ton FireEngine slides on ice and it is a nightmare.  
During our big snowstorm 2 years ago, Fireman was on duty.
So was Al.  Fireman had to drive the ambulance to a local hospital with a heart attack patient in the back, during zero visibility.   He said there was a time when he wasn't sure where they were. 
But they  got there.  It  wasn't until the ride back to the Firehouse that the ambulance got stuck.  
I think they have a stressful job in the best of conditions.....
God Bless Them all out East tomorrow. 
and for those of you old enough to remember 
Hill Street Blues, 
:Lets be Careful Out There.....


Katherine said...

You are so right about firemen and other emergency men and women, they are the best of the best!! I pray for all of them every night before I go to sleep--for police officers and firemen, EMTs and paramedics who go out to serve and protect while I sleep. God bless them all!!

I love the red cardinals against a background of snow and greenery, but my favorite is Mrs. Cardinal in her olive green dress!

I love the cowl. Fireman looks like he is ready to pull a hat down over his ears and ride off on his bike.

gMarie said...

Oh I totally remember Hill Street Blues. And yes please let's be careful out there. Size doesn't stand much of a chance against ice and idiots. Let's prey there's not much of either. g

Nancy said...

I have Hill Street Blues in my Hulu queue and watch episodes from time to time. I love it!

The firemen and EMTs in my area are all volunteer: I am grateful that such dedicated individuals give up their time to protect the rest of us.

A monster storm is predicted to hit here tomorrow night and through the weekend. I am looking forward to some quality knitting time.

Anonymous said...

Is that your DH's engine?

Steve was RIT back in the day. I remember plenty of nights he came home with frostbitten arms and face from being out in the elements during a fire OR with no eyebrows and singed hair.

Yep ... let's be careful out there.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I LOVED Hill Street Blues and was thinking about it earlier this week! Twice in a week. What's up with that? I'll be sending hopes and prayers for safety for all. blessings ~ tanna

Alyssa said...

I can't imagine sliding in a giant fire engine! :( It's scary enough sliding in my little Focus!

Mereknits said...

A great thought for all the First Responders out there, all the Nurses and Doctors, what would we do without all of you fantastic people?
Hugs to you,

SapphireBlue said...

Be very careful out there!

Sue said...

As I walked past the window yesterday something caught my eye. I stopped for a better look and there were 15 Cardinals hopping around the back yard. Yes, they probably were eating the new grass seed Rob had just put down, but they were beautiful to watch anyway.

Nancy Kay said...

What a great picture of the cardinal in winter. Love the red feathers!

Looks like the neck cowl is just the ticket for Fireman! It turned out to be a nice snug fit and should protect him well against the coming storm! I hear on TV that snow and rain have started to fall. I hope it's not as bad as predicted. It is pretty scary to drive on icy or snow-packed roads.

We are supposed to get hit with a storm this weekend. I'm looking forward to getting the moisture!!

SissySees said...

Love the photo of the bird. We sometimes see cardinals on our walks, but they flit off before I can grab my phone and get a photo.

And don't tell the Knight, but there's just something about Chicago Fire's black over red that really makes me happy. Green is my favorite color, but not on a fire truck. It's just WRONG. ;)

And there's one thing scarier than a fire enging sliding on ice... a TRUCK with the stick up sliding on ice, tipping towards the duplex I was standing in. Thank God for sure, experienced hands, heart and head on the controls.

Toni said...

Bless his heart! Those must be some VERY cold bike rides!

AlisonH said...

I miss cardinals. We don't have them in California.

During a big storm back East a few years ago, my dad shoveled the driveway (the road wasn't plowed for six days but what the heck) and at 4 am thought he was having a heart attack. Mom called 911 and the ambulance somehow showed up in four minutes.

How did you GET here? she wondered. They answered that they'd gotten tired of not being able to get to people in emergencies and so had gotten a snowplow blade for the front of the ambulance, and there you go.

Dad turned out okay and got to go home the next day--courtesy of the path to their driveway from the main road made by that ambulance.

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