Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Al's Birthday....I Got Presents

 Today is Al's 25th Birthday.  Yesterday friend Kristine gave me this pretty pretty coffee cup.  
Then the mailed arrived and Al had sent ME a gift. 
Two adorable coasters.  She loves how people in Virginia say, 
How's Y'alls Mama?
They also call baby dolls, doll babies. 
When they want to ask you for prayers, they ask,
"are you a prayin'person?" 
So this darling coaster is in my new desk area..thanks darlin!

Today, I met with some knit pals.  Kathy C. is knitting these gorgeous socks.  She is using the toe up method and she loves how she can control the amount of yarn needed for the project.  
When she runs out of yarn.......cuff over!  

So Happy Birthday Allison Jo.  I'm so blessed to call you my daughter and my friend!


Mereknits said...

Happy Birthday to Al! When I lived in Virginia I was fascinated by how everyone said, "Hi, how are you?" but to them it came out as one word. They y'all a lot over there.

SissySees said...

One of Gretchen's nicknames is Rag Doll. For some reason, your post reminded me of that...

Happy birthday, Al!!

Katherine said...

Happy Birthday Al!!! I love the way the people in Virginia talk! It reminds me of my Mom who was born and raised there. I guess that is why I've always said "doll baby." Interesting thing--she lived with us for 28 years, first in Chicago and then in Texas, and she never lost the Virginia accent.

Araignee said...

Hi y'all! We Marylanders who are right next door to them there Virginians never say y'all unless we are funning. What we do say is "Warshington" when speaking of our nation's capital. That always gets a laugh from our Southern neighbors.

gMarie said...

Happy Birthday Al! Happy Birthing day to you - Momma! What lovely gifts. g

Nancy Kay said...

Seems you fared well on your daughter's birthday. Great day to you both! Enjoyed the comments about Virginia accents and phrases.

SapphireBlue said...

I lived there for 8 years. I just can't good greens since I moved.

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