Friday, January 04, 2013

The Night Before the Last NIGHT Shift!


Seems Christmas keeps on coming here....and I am fine with it. (and here's a secret: I'm still listening to instrumental Carols )
This adorable kitty treat jar came from my pal Linda yesterday. 
Linda and I are the OR assistants for our Vet at the shelter. 
I've volunteered at things before in my life, but I have never had so much fun as I have there.  I learn something new often.   I guess the point is to volunteer at something you love.   Yesterday we operated on Mr. Pickles and Captain Wiggles.  
 I was forced to learn to make homemade bread as a kid.  Long story but the bottom line is, that my bread machine does just as good a job.  Winter and homemade bread..mmmmmmm.  This is called milk bread, if any of you want the recipe, just let me know. 
This is the pattern I am going to follow for the Log Cabin for my family.  I was really surprised that none of you have ventured here......So we can learn together as I inevitably make some 
learning curve mistakes...

Tomorrow: the LAST night shift and the contest announcement...
stay tuned. Its all happy here!  If you could pick the prize what would you pick? 


SissySees said...

Happy last night shift eve!

Yes, you need to love what you do, period... but especially when volunteering. I keep thinking that I'd love to go to work in a vet's office, but I don't know of any that are hiring.

Nancy said...

I started a log cabin baby blanket several years ago but frogged it when I didn't like the look of the back.

Homemade bread is wonderful but also one of my trigger foods.

Mereknits said...

Hooray on the last night shift, Hooray on the cookie jar, Hooray on the log cabin blanket, I guess I am Hooraying everything today.

Sarah said...

I have found my bread machine does quite a nice job kneading the dough and then I usually turn it out into a loaf pan for final rise and baking.

I have made a blanket from a similar pattern, think it may have been from the Mason Dixon Knitting book. Fun and a good way to use up odds & ends if you are so inclined. I carried my tails behind the knitting so there was no weaving in of ends at the end! Good luck.

Any gifts are a great thing!

Nancy Kay said...

I would think that working with animals would be rewarding! Good for you.

The bread looks delicious.

The blanket looks like quite a challenge...glad you are taking on maneuvering through the learning curves! I'm anxious to hear about your progress.

Marguerite said...

Hi Kathy! Happy New Year to you and your family. Your blog has been a blessing to me this year, producing many smiles even when I don't bother to comment. Thank you so much!

Exciting news about the job. Sometimes a little change is just what we need to make life fresh and new again.

gMarie said...

I would love the bread recipe. I want to make bread in a bad way. But I'm not much of a baker. Love that cookie jar. So glad your volunteer work brings you much joy - that's exactly what it should do. g

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Yes, doing what you love is always a good thing!! Celebration in store for the end of the nightshift!! Yea! One of my friends did the log cabin in soft colors for a baby blanket; it turned out gorgeous!!

Lynneb said...

Log Cabin is such a fun knit pattern to do. You'll be obsessed!

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