Tuesday, January 08, 2013


 Tank lays this way when he wants me to scratch his armpits. 
This is classified information. 
I learned this after many weeks of Tank living with me. 
Sometimes it takes a bit to learn where ones' favorite spots are...
Can you see his Semi-Siamese genes?  
The Log Cabin is laying this way this morning. 
I am knitting with "simplicity" by HiKoo
a skacel yarn.
Merino Superwash, Acrylic, Nylon Blend. 
It is a little splitty but not bad. 
I wish the pattern had more than 8 rows per color section. 
I am lazy and I don't like changing colors so often. 
I asked at Mosaic, for a lightweight worsted.
Kathy at Mosiac suggested this yarn. 
I do think it is the perfect weight.
It hasn't hurt my arm or wrists at all yet. 

I love lists.  
Today's list is all about cabins: because they are our favorite Spots

*My father had a cabin off Highway 51 near Minocqua. 
It was our favorite place on Earth. 
Each and every time we left there , my kids cried. 

*We remodeled our little kitchen to look like the kitchen at that beloved Cabin.  Knotty pine cabinets a must. 

*Fireman and I once spent a weekend in a cabin before we were married.  Yup, living in Sin.  It was the weekend the POPE visited Chicago.....I found this funny. 

*We rented Cabins whenever possible as opposed to hotel rooms when we traveled with the kids. 

*A Cabin in Wyoming near Laramie was the most amazing place we'd ever seen.  The storm that gathered and raged while we watched from that cabin, had the most amazing lightening we ever saw. 

*Where there are cabins there are loons and lakes and libations.

Cabins and knitting go hand in hand for me.  

Do you have a cabin memory?


kathy b said...

Sorry about the run on sentence re: Wyoming Cabin

Nancy said...

Lots of cabin memories, but the most memorable was the week I spent with my sisters in a mountain cabin. We each made a quilt that week from blocks our mother had made. Lots of laughs and conversations that week.

gMarie said...

You have fabulous cabin memories and I'd love to see your kitchen. We don't generally stay in cabins - when I vacation, I don't want to be the one working. The log cabin blanket is coming along nicely. g

Araignee said...

No cabin memories here (although here in the woods of the Chesapeake I feel like I am in a cabin all the time). I do have 3 white, blue-eyed semi-Siamese kitties that do the same thing when they want a good belly scratch. They are all very polite about it.

SissySees said...

HAhahaha... What a sweet, funny post. I love that you cabinned in sin right before the Pope came to your hometown.

We stayed in cabins on our honeymoon, in Sedona and the Grand Canyon.

Love me some Siamese. Does Tank have a Siamese voice? I miss that so much...

Katherine said...

So glad you have good cabin memories. DH and I planned a weekend in a cabin a few years back. It was a beautiful cabin!! We walked in, put our bags down, saw a huge rat run across the kitchen floor, and left. That was it!! We spent the weekend in a nice hotel down the road. Ahhhh, cabin memories!!

Tank is adorable!!

Jennifer said...

What a lovely post for the Log Cabin Blanket. I'm always in cabins so I can't really say which is my favorite.... probably the first time I camped with the Boys Scouts about 8 years ago. I was hooked! I absolutely loved it.

Nancy Kay said...

First of all, the beginning of your log cabin blanket is really great looking! You may inspire me yet. I'll be interested in hearing how it goes for you as it gets bigger. Yeah, tying in all the ends...that's a pain.

I think it's fun that you tied in some log cabin memories in this post. I've spent the night in log cabins a few times. The first was at 4-H Camp in the Wind River Range above Lander, WY. Then, I spent a night in a cabin in Yellowstone and also in a cabin near Brooks Lake above Dubois, WY, on a cross-country skiing weekend. None of them were very well insulated, and only one had a bathroom! I guess that's part of the rustic experience!!

Donna said...

I love your log cabin blanket. I too am lazy and wouldn't want to change colors so much.

We used to go to a friends "cabin" up in VT. You could fit 4 of my houses in it! It was gorgeous. And surrounded on 3 sides by Lake Champlain. I could feel my blood pressure instantly start to lower as we entered the place. Unfortunately he sold it. But we have great memories there for sure.

Mereknits said...

No real cabin memories for me, but I like your log cabin blanket. I tried one once, but hated how the wrong side looked so I ripped it out.
yours looks great.

Lynneb said...

Cottage memory, yes. Cabin memory, no.
I guess I will have to make a cabin memory in 2013!

Dee said...

Steve and I decided to get married when we stayed a weekend at his Aunt Danielle's cabin in Pennsylvania.

There was no TV and no radio. He said a woman he could spend time with without those, was a woman he could spend the rest of his life with.

We watched it snow, we read a lot and we hiked. We didn't need TV. Still don't. LOL

Allison said...

I will actually be spending this Valentine's Day in a cabin (well, sort of, due to my schedule Valentine's "day" will occur February 20) outside of Shenandoah National Park

PS- Tank's eyes look so purrty

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