Tuesday, January 29, 2013

65 Degrees In Chicago on January 29th.....

I went for a long walk outside this morning.  This is momentous as I cannot recall the last time I walked outside since before Halloween. 
It felt wonderful. 
What a treat for today. 

I am 20 inches into my blanket and I still love it. 
Easy stockinette, with a color change here and there. 
I'm plugging along; I don't want to stop for fear I'll leave it by itself to get into trouble. 
The aqua color is all done.   I only wanted a splash of aqua to 
perk up the darker colors.  

Fireman found a new project. I am sooooooo excited about it. 
He is taking some of the bookshelves down and making a desk for ME!!!  (Well, for him too) 
I"ve never had my OWN space in the house.
Fireman would laugh and argue that the house is ALL mine the way the yarn finds it way about.
Seriously, he has a big workbench and a big garage he putters in. 

We went to see Silver Linings Playbook yesterday afternoon. 
We both thought it was great.  


Nancy said...

WaHoo!! You will love having a desk of your own - make sure to accessorize it with yarn.

I love how your blanket is progressing. Nice job on color selection and placement.

Anonymous said...

I SO want a desk. I have my laptop on the breakfast nook table. It seems like it is always in the way. But, the upside . . . I can see the TV from there. Not that there is much worth watching. LOL

Can't wait to see your new special place.

Nicole said...

Yarn does have a way of taking over...

Sounds like lovely weather! Enjoy it!

gMarie said...

I think JB would like that movie and I might even be able to get him to see it with the Christmas Movie cards. Maybe - anything is possible.

Love your blanket and the your cheerful, holiday appropriate front door.

Looking forward to seeing your own space. :) g

Toni said...

Nice!!!!!!!!!! You will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE having a desk of your own!!!

I'm very lucky to have a sewing room of my own, but at first DH didn't quite understand the concept, and started going in there to use the computer (when he already had an office AND an entire bay of the garage). I think women need personal space more than men do, but we aren't as good at standing up for it. (Of course, the sewing room has it's own defense now--no matter HOW careful I am, I still get pins in the carpet, which really gets one some personal space QUICKLY)


SapphireBlue said...

I have a folding desk in my junk room, but it doesn't count. Lucky you!

Mrs. Micawber said...

It was 50 here, and soupy as all get-out. Tomorrow, heavy snow. Thursday, below zero. :/

How exciting to get your own space - your husband sounds just like mine does. (He too says that the house is "mine" - and he has ALL KINDS of dedicated work spaces while my stuff has to fit in wherever it can.) Enjoy!

Araignee said...

It was 68 degrees here tonight and I went skating on an outdoor ice rink that had 2 inches of water on it. Fun-as long as you didn't fall down. It's going to be even warmer tomorrow. Ordinarily I would be complaining but after the super low temps of last week, I'm loving it!
That blanket is beautiful. I can see lots of cozy naps in it's future.

kathy b said...

BIG GARAGE!!???? What , are you on crack?


Mereknits said...

I was so excited to have a table in my bedroom to do some things on. I have a big house and none of the space is mine, just a table. Even my yarn is in my closet. Congrats on your desk, Fireman doesn't need it at all.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Your blanket is looking WONDERFUL. I love the splashes of aqua. Thank you for the review of Silver Linings Playbook; I hope we can make time to see it this coming weekend! blessings ~ tanna

Nancy Kay said...

Funny post! First, congrats on getting a desk made! But Fireman's comment above totally cracked me up. I guess it's all relative! LOL. Say, the blanket is really coming along, and I love the way you are working with the colors! I also thank you for the thumbs-up on the movie. I'm hoping to see it. Wasn't it great to go for a walk in decent weather??? Wow. In the 60's? Talk about unusual for January!!

SissySees said...

We were in the 60s yesterday too, and I believe nearly there today, but it's so cloudy it doesn't feel as warm as yesterday.

I'd love a movie night. Maybe in March, after he's no longer chief and we just have my JL schedule to work around...

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