Thursday, November 15, 2012

Beginning Middle and ENd

Today began beautifully. 

 I was up to go to the shelter and assist with Spays and Neuters. 
The bad news: Someone dumped  a litter of feral kittens off including an adorable Siamese ? mix
The good news: Thanks to another foster, they are all socialized beautifully now and have adoptions pending.   This is also very good news for Fireman, because that little Siamese female kitten would have fit oh so perfectly in my new purse.....
In the middle of my day,  that is,  late this afternoon.... I got to around to knitting the rest of this toddler hat.  It is for my newest great nephew, Jaxon.  He's going on 2.   I decided to try out my new pompom maker.  You see, I cannot make a pom to save my keester.  Kathy who knits with me a few times a month told me I would be oh so successful with a Pom Maker from the craft shop.   She makes awesome pom poms.  She is southern gal and she knows her way around a lot things, including All Y'alls and all things Georgia.

But, As you can see, I still cannot find My way around a pom.  Not to mention I cannot sew the dang thing on worth a dime either.    I decided to make a second pom thinking it would enhance the first.....
You know what?  Anything requiring a finishing needle or sewing in any sort, just does me in.
I feel so defeated by this.   I really do.

I freeze when I have to finish anything in the slightest....Hence my love of socks.   Hence my love of  top down raglans..

So I was feeling awful about wasting at least an hour making inadequate poms and trying to sew them on this toddler hat.   You know what?   Jaxon doesn't want a pom pom on his hat.  I'm pretty sure of it.
So I'm taking them off.....
Because in the end, the knits you take are equal to the knits  you make.....or some thing like that....
right?? right????


Dee said...

Cute hat -- pom or no pom!

TracyK said...

A few things I have learned recently about poms:
1) if you are Pom-challenged (I am too!), definitely use a gadget; much easier for those of us who need help than trying to make circles, etc.
2) once you have said gadget, use WAY more yarn than you think you should; I'm talking so much that you think "if I wrap this around just one more measly time, I am going to break my new nifty gadget that was just about to make my life better"
3) have VERY sharp embroidery scissors at the ready for the cutting portion of the proceedings
4) tie the center yarn around so tight that you think "I may just break this too"; also helpful to go around once and then back to the other side before knotting, pulling super tight all the while
5) more often than not, attempts 1 & 2 are going to be terrible! This goes for every project that requires a Pom. It takes a bit before you and the yarn decide to work together in a pom sort of way.
6) when sewing on, space the tails out a bit to put them thru the top/point/crown of the hat. Then tie a good sturdy square knot on the inside - and pull tighter than you think you should. Otherwise the Pom gets floppy and no one wants that.

I know, it's a lot, but I have had several projects (also baby hats) recently that requested a Pom (or 3) be added and I nearly gave up every time.

All that said, I don't think this hat is any the worse for wear without a Pom. Plus, he may wear it a bit longer without it (and it will be harder for other kids to steal right off his head).

Nancy said...

The yarn you used for the hat is wonderful and perfect for a little boy. As for the pom, it really isn't necessary - very few hats have them anymore.

Mereknits said...

It is a great hat and it doesn't need a pom, I am not pom inclined so I see what you are getting at. I think simple is better, and I am with you hate finishing things, and blocking....don't even get me started on that!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I LIKE the hat without the pom-pom!!

Marguerite said...

Love the colors in the hat. And I like it better without the pom. But then I've never been successful making them either. Fortunately I don't think they're necessary. Your hat proves that point.

sapphireblue said...

You and I are in the same boat with pom poms. I've seen people use I-cords to accent the top of a hat. I do pretty good at those.

SissySees said...

Oh I'm a sucker for a petite siamese... achoo... hem... It wasn't a blue point was it?

Love the hat. I can't pom pom either.

gMarie said...

You have some very good info about poms from TracyK. I like making a old fashioned stalking type cap that just goes on and on forever.

Your nephews hat is fabulous and no pom is necessary. It's for your relaxation and enjoyment - no stress necessary. Do what you love - not what you think someone else wants. There is nothing wrong with making things that require little to no finishing. g

Dorothy said...

The hat is gorgeous! And Jaxon definitely does NOT want a pompom.

kathy b said...

Tracy K

THANKS for the tips..somewhere in my future I am sure I'll try try again!

Nancy Kay said...

The story about the kitties warms my heart. Hope they all land in good homes.

The hat looks terrific!! I don't think it needs a pom.

Katherine said...

It has been a while since I've had a kitty or a puppy in my purse! That's always fun--right up to the moment when someone makes you take them back.

I love the colors in Jaxon's hat. Boys always prefer pom-less hats!!

KathyTNY said...

I say a hearty amen to using a Pom Pom gagdet! I have the same one that I learned on from 1970. It is a Susan Bates invention - different size rings that lock together to make different size pom poms. Easy as punch!

Your hat is lovely!

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