Friday, October 05, 2012

October Joy

 Yesterday Fireman and I went on a woods walk.   I love Autumn in Illinois.   Yesterday 80 degrees, today the radiators are on.  That's how it is here.

 No cougar sightings, no fox no deer.  But, a tiny red breasted nut hatch creeped up a tree trunk....
The River has a scattering of leaves on its muddy face now.  

Now the hand knits come out for their real purpose.....I'll be wearing my new shawl today.  I wore a pair of wool socks to bed a week or so ago.   

Any October Joy in your day today???  Any handknits coming out to play? 


SissySees said...

Well, Sissy's an October baby and her registered name is Haddon Wood's Princess of Joy, so I have October Joy in my life every single day! ;)

Beautiful photos. What a lovely place to walk.

Nancy Kay said...

What lovely fall pictures!! I went to college in Illinois, and one thing that impressed me was the colorful fall season. (Wyoming's colors don't quite match up. And it doesn't last as long either.) The last picture posted looks like a wonderful French Impressionist it!!

Katherine said...

Oh yes, the hand knits are out! We are expecting to be in the 50's tomorrow and Sunday. I feel excitement and joy!!

Your photos remind me of the things I loved most about living in Illinois.

Olivia said...

Virginia is still in summer-mode! No sweaters or golden leaves yet.... I miss those woods! Hopefully they will be snowy and beautiful when I come home for Christmas!

sapphireblue said...

I bought some fall scented candles today. I love October, love it! The colors, the chill, the leaves, the goblins. I'm crazy about it.

Nancy said...

It's cold, cold, cold here today (35 degrees right now) and overcast. No doubt, some white fluffy stuff will fall tonight. The ground is still warm enough to melt it, so it will not stick - this time.

That said, I've been wearing wool socks and a sweater all day. I refuse to turn on my heat - yet. That will come soon enough.

Lynneb said...

Yup..knitting up a cute little baby sweater and hat for our neighbor's baby on the way. And then? maybe 'll finish knitting a shawl.
It's cold today. I'm making soup.

Nicole said...

Lovely photos! I'm jealous that you get real seasons out there. We rarely see much in the of fall colors here in sunny Cali.

aimee said...

These are gorgeous photos! Love the arched bridge and the yellow of the leaves is amazing! LOVE it:)

No sweaters and gloves here yet (in fact I spent much of Tuesday barefoot)--that will change shortly as our REAL autumn is to arrive tomorrow:(


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