Friday, September 07, 2012

So Many Questions.....

 After many thoughts about the baby blanket, I've made the decision that it will be a two color blanket.  Why?  I only liked two of the colors~!   It is going to be a smallish blanket.  A blanket you use for stroller walks and car rides.   Why?  I am ready to move on.  
 For comparison here is my foot next to a California pinecone.   Our horseback guide said the Indians would grind the cones into meal and eat them.   I am still hanging on every report of Yosemite Hantavirus on the news?  Why?  I don't know.  We did not stay anywhere near Curry Village.   I have a great chance of getting West Nile Virus in my own backyard these days.

More questions:

*Have you used a dry shampoo?

*Have you had someone wash your hair and it felt better than a body massage?

*Do you have a pocket knife?  I bought one in Seqouia for my knitting, because I couldn't carry a scissors on the plane.

*Did you see the segment on Yarn Bombing on the Today Show today?

*What are your plans for tonight?


Marguerite said...

Never used or wanted to use a dry shampoo. Love the feel of clean hair.

I used to work in a beauty shop in the 60s and was trained to give massage shampoos with two washes. Haven't had someone do it to me in years.

Don't have a pocket knife and didn't see the yarn bombing segment.

My plans for tonight are to read the new Louise Penny book. It's rainy this afternoon, so I'll probably fall asleep early.

SissySees said...

Have tried 3 dry shampoos with no success; just gums up my scalp and makes it itch. I love to have my hair washed. I loved the yarn bombing segment!

I somewhere have a lot of pocket knives. I collected them (not on purpose) and the Knight has MANY.

Katherine said...

I understand what you mean about being done with a knitting project. I always just hope that the project is done when I'm done.

I don't have enough hair to use a dry shampoo. I have been known to wash my hair with a bottle of Ozarka water lol!!

I'm looking forward to a weekend of knitting and movie watching.

Sarah said...

Yeah, I have a knitting project I am so over but need to finish the last 1/2 of a fingerless glove. Sigh...hopefully I'll finish it before it gets warm again in MN.

I have tried dry shampoo. It is much like putting baby powder in your hair. If you are able to brush it through, it works great to soak up some oil in your hair. If you don't have blond hair and aren't able to brush it through, I wouldn't use it. This from a brunette with curly hair that can only use it when I have straight hair. My curly haired blond daughter can use it anytime.

I am driving my kids around tonight. I am so exciting!

Nancy said...

I just purchased a pocket knife this morning to use when I volunteer for Bountiful Baskets. I am tried of breaking my fingernails while trying to open boxes and sacks.

I used a dry shampoo once about 40 years ago. Can't say that I recommend it; of course, that WAS a loooong time ago.

No plans for tonight, but tomorrow, I am going to the mountains with three friends and drive a four-wheeler for the first time. Wish me luck!

Mereknits said...

Hmmmmm, so many questions. No on the dry shampoo, I actually don't like my scalp massaged, No on the yarn bombing but I might look it up now. Stop worrying about that virus, you will be fine and last but not least crocheting and watching the Rays baseball game. Love the squares, but I can see why you are done, sometimes it is just time to move on.

Nicole said...

Wow, thy let you bring a pocket knife but not scissors? Weird. Pocket knives are a good thing to bring to Yosemite with you, regardless.

Robin said...

So many questions - 1) I don't care for dry shampoo. 2) LOVE my head washed and massaged! OHMY LOVE IT! 3) I do have a pocket knife and always lose it. 4) I missed the yarn bombing segment - will have to GOOGLE it. 5) Pig Pickin' on the agenda for tonight!!!!

Like the two-colored baby blanket and the small idea. I'm doing one now and it feels like it will never end! When I finish it, I need to start another one. My cousin's two sons and their wives - one couple just had a baby boy and the other one is expecting a boy in January.

Also, like the project and color in your banner.

Judy S. said...

Nice blanket! It looks like if you arrange the squares, you could get a second diamond pattern with the miter "lines"...(since you have or will have, 16 squares) Those pinecones are amazing, aren't they? Pretty sure they are from a Ponderosa pine. I still have my very old GS knife... Would have loved to see the yarnbombing show. Did they show some fun ones?

KSD said...

Hey! Isn't that my bookmark in the new header photo? ;)

Dorothy said...

I have never used dry shampoo. I do own a pocket knife - years of working as a camp counselor and making marshmallow sticks. :)

kathy b said...

Yes KIM THAT IS YOUR BOOKMARK IN THE HEADER!! Your courage inspires me....

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