Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I SHOULD have bought this t-shirt to wear at work.  The other night all the babies were howling at the same's a good sound.  When our babies get to the point of howling, they are ready to go home.

Earlier this morning I tried to post, and google claimed I'd used up all my gigabytes or some such stuff. Now I have to be the first to admit, I've gotten a great free ride from BLogger since 2004 with this silly blog.   I haven't paid dime one.  So, I'm due I guess.  Yet when I tried to add space, I got a malfunction message.  So

One of two things happened:

I gained some gigas for free or I bought some bytes and it went through this morning.

Has this happened to you?

Next topic:  The Shawl isnt' going so well.  I bought some sugar cane yarn at the Sister's knit shop in was gorgeous blue colors.  That yarn is so slick and slippery it wanted to knot itself up.
Al wound it into a well behaved ball, for me, but......its splitty.  And its slick on the addi turbos.  She mumbled something about liking wool for it's ease of winding and knitting properties....
I should have listened to her.  I'm ripping it out today.  I see it morphing into a beach bag or lacy scarf.....

Now the pattern is another story. I love the pattern.  TGV by Susan Ascroft is perfectly clearly written and wonderful.  So I'm going to start over with  a different yarn altogether.

This process of starting and ripping and restarting and re ripping is just part of what I do when the fit isn't the greatest between me and the yarn and the pattern.  I had not ONE problem with the baby blanket squares and yarn and needles.  It was the right marriage from the start.   Alas, that is not always the case.

No crying over frogged knitting....y'all hush.  Its  going to be fine.


Nancy said...

i agree that some yarn and patterns were made for each other; others, not.

Love the T-shirt, but silly, babies can't read - or can they?

Katherine said...

Nothing to be done with a non-performing knit project except r-r-r-i-p! You are daring and forceful!!

My Mom used to say, "Hush now" but the Texas version is "Ya'll hush." I resist saying ya'll but I hear Texas seeping into my speech patterns more and more, and it only took 25 years!

SissySees said...

What a fun post. I over-use y'all.. or do I?

Marguerite said...

When frogging needs to be done at my house, it's done. I'm happy when I realize this at the beginning of a project instead of the end.

A few times, I've actually pronounced yarn no good for any earthly reason and thrown it in the trash. After all, this is a hobby, right?

Love the tee shirt.

Mereknits said...

This just happened to me, I was a bit shocked. But I just paid as I felt the same as you, it has been a great free ride.

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