Friday, August 24, 2012

The Sun is Setting Much Too Early Now

Perhaps because our winter's are harsh,  I hate to see the sunsetting earlier now that it is August.

The Cicada's are screaming in the trees.  They drown out my favorite sound, of crickets.  Our neighborhood kids have already gone back to school.  It isnt even Labor Day.

I knit for all seasons.  I have to have my needles going to be content.   I know many people get a new knit urge when the days get cooler and more crisp.   I just want to buy new yarn then.  In chocolate colors and oranges and greys and rust.

We have amazing colors in Chicago in the fall.  Even in a bad fall we have leaf colors that take your breath away.  I have a favorite street in town for leaf color watching .  do you?

I noticed Grace uses Shabby Blog for her backrounds .   I dont know how to do this yet, but I will learn.   This is a shabby blog frame.  Do you shabby blog? I think its not too shabby!!


Nancy said...

Autumn is a favorite season of mine, but oh how I miss the long daylight hours, which are becoming more noticeable now.

I like the blog backgrounds, but they tend to make opening the pages slower, so I stick with the ones provided by blogger.

Not many "colors" in the trees around here: it's either gold, yellow, orange, or brown. Only a few reds in the mix.

Nancy Kay said...

Usually, autumn colors don't last very long here. I love going into the mountains where the yellow aspen groves are beautiful against the pine. But timing a trip is tricky. It seems we only have about a 2 week window. A favorite of mine is the drive over the continental divide to Jackson Hole, WY; the autumn scenery is worth it if you can catch it just right.

Dee said...

We don't get much of an autumn here (usually) and what we do get is in January when it finally chills.

I have used Shabby Blogs, but right now I am using Free Blogger Backgrounds.

SissySees said...

I love the front end of our road in the fall colors...

I've never used Shabby Blogs.

Grace said...

Autumn is my favorite season because you get to bundle up with the hand knits you have been saving all summer! I like to walk along the prairie path in my area to see all the colors! There are several different trees and each one changes to a different color of red, orange, yellow, even purple! Already some of the trees are changing on my street!

sapphireblue said...

I think I've gotten a header from them but not a whole page.

KathyTNY said...

I agree with another poster - fancy frames slow up the loading of blogs, so I stick to simple ones. I am not a prolific blogger yet so I feel simple is better for me!

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