Friday, August 24, 2012

Shout Out

#1  Zach is writing blog posts while he is studying abroad.  He'd love a comment or two.
His photographs are wonderful and his writing is magical.  Head over to  and tell him his Mama sent you!  

#2 The Take and Replace Pattern Swap has started. YIPPEE.    I mailed the envelope to Kim yesterday.
One thing :  Celia, from SapphireBlue, I need your mailing address to put you into the rotation.
Please email me:

#3 Now for the knitting content:
I am going to try to seam some mitered squares together today.  My plan is to crochet them together.
I watched a video or two on line and the tutorials were good.  I think I need more coffee before I attempt this -

I'm preparing for some car knitting next week.  Mitered squares seem to be the choice at this juncture.  We'll see what I think after I seam the above mentioned squares together today.

After knitting one bookmark I am hooked.  Pun intended.  There will most definitely be more made for the winter Holidays.   I used the BACKBONE Bookmark pattern , free on Ravelry.  Originally Kiersten Brandt's pattern on

I had knitted one other bookmark,  years ago.  It was a tiny long stocking and it was adorable.  However, I am not into all those little turns on tiny circulars right now.   If my square connections fail, I can knit bookmarks in the car right??

(Guess what I am listening to this morning?? Lionel Riche's Tuskegee music.  He sings duets with many other vocalists.  All that wonderful old music, new again.    Deep River Woman with Little Big Town......for one.  Check it out!)

That's all my rambling for today.  Feel free to ramble back...


SissySees said...

I want that CD... or maybe download on my iPod or iPhone?

Have a great workend!

Anonymous said...

I stopped by your son's blog! WOW! He is a fantastic writer. Oh --- good photos too. I put it in my Google Reader to go back and read more carefully later.

I'll tell him his mama sent me. LOL

Nancy Kay said...

Good luck on putting your squares together!!
I love Lionel Richie's Tuskegee too!!

Nancy said...

I usually knit socks or dishcloths while traveling. Good luck with seaming your blocks together. I would never attempt it - you know crochet hooks and I do not get along well.

Now, I'm off to check your son's blog. . .

sapphireblue said...

I just sent you an email!

KathyTNY said...

I am following your son's blog now - I told him his Momma sent me! He is a great writer (should I be surprised? You are a fantastic writer yourself!) and photographer. You sure he won't be mad that all these people who know his Mother are following him? My daughters would be mortified!!! lol

I was going to ask you for the bookmark pattern - thanks for sharing. Don't forget to make some pocketbook slippers on your road trip!

I hate seaming and need to learn how do it correctly.

Katherine said...

Zach's blog posts are all amazing, especially the most recent! I am now going in search of the Lionel Richie music.

kathy b said...

Kathy TNY

He asked for comments! he knows where they are coming from ..
hee hee hee
He has him mother's need to be READ.

Mereknits said...

I am heading over to say Hi to your son. Will he think it is crazy all these middle aged women (speaking strictly about myself) are reading his blog?
Happy Friday,

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