Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Meant to Bea

 The baby blanket is on the straightway.......I hope to reach the decreases section tonight.  This yarn is so busy it gets tired after awhile.  I have to put it down for naps.  I think it can only be and was only meant to be: a baby blankie...
Oh Hello.  Did someone say BE? Beatles is never camera shy.  Tank is very camera shy.  We are all about changing it up around here today so Bea might get a bath.  Yes, I bathe my cats on occasion.  

Here's some things I hope to BE today:

*be relaxed...this is harder than you think for me.. I concoct all ways of getting wound up....but today I'm going to drop my shoulders and breathe....every hour on the hour.

*be vegetarian....its been a few weeks now. I feel great without beef, chicken, pork and most cheese.  why am i doing this?

*BE cause my stomach was upset all time and I have increasing cholesterol levels....

*Be generous.....I hope to stop in at the Carmelite Monastery with a little gift.

*Be cool as a cucumber.....outta my control, but the weather forecast is awesome...much lower humidities today and possibly a thunderstorm.

*Be barefoot most of the day....

What do you hope to BE today?


Anonymous said...

I *need* to be calm today, but so far it's not working out that way.

I want to BE a productive knitter today --- so far, so good!

I want to BE a new friend --- looks like THAT is going to work out too.

I want to BE a good cook tonight. We'll SEE about that.

kathy said...

I really need to be happy and kinder to EVERYONE I come in contact with. I am too much a control freak and when it doesn't go my way I get grumpy!!!!

Good luck with the bath!

SissySees said...

I have to be gentle with my ankle.

I hope to be a good friend and follow through on my good intentions.

Bridget said...

That kitty pic is great!

I want to BE productive, and I want to BE in the day, not thinking of the next thing ...

Mereknits said...

I hope to BE a good therapist for the 3 little ones I see today.
I hope to BE a good Mother to my boys, and I hope to BE crocheting and watching the Olympics tonight.

gMarie said...

BE happy.
BE productive.
BE a good wife.


fancystitching said...

I want to BE...
organized, be taking things one at a time rather than hopping from one to-do thing to another, be thankful, be cheerful, be helpful, be wise in my food choices. Looks like my plate is full for today... that is a lot of BEING"!

Katherine said...

When you stop at the Carmelite Monastery please give them my love and tell them I pray for them. When our Carrie was with us she would visit them often. She loved it there! It was her place of solace.

I will also pray for your peace. I struggle with the calm thing as well!! A sad commentary on the world today.

sapphireblue said...

I will
Be patient

Nancy Kay said...

BE happy to do household chores,
BE thankful for quiet time,
BE conscious of everyone's good qualities,
BE conscious of GOOD.

Anonymous said...

How dare you post such an ugly picture of me, I'm much more handsome than that. That's it, that blanket is mine!


Nancy said...

Love the baby blanket - the yarn is perfect!

Today, I needed to be patient, but I wasn't.

Lisa {DoleValleyGirl} said...

Kathy, Thanks for your sweet words over on my blog. I like this "be" thing and will add that I hope to BE knitting later this evening after my kiddos are in bed. :) ~Lisa

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