Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Jessie from CAKESPY highlighted Hungarian desserts on her post today.  I want that cake.  The other night my friend Joany brought a Indiana Sweet Cream Pie to our gathering.  (This was the gathering in which we all tried to share the a/c air stream while knitting.  We were very good about sharing ....)

Anyhow, Joany's pie was delicious.  I usually like the crust more than the pie, the frosting more than the cake, and the hot fudge more than the ice cream....(how about you?)

I am working on the Stocking cap every day.  Last night I found my knitters headlamp and was able to knit on the porch without disturbing Fireman's baseball game watching.  He doesn't like the porch lights on at night.   Then I had to put my knitting down, because we finally
 got storms.   I had to watch the storm's magnificence and drink it all in.   We needed that rain.  (What makes you put your knitting down?)

There are two movies I want to see: Buck and Bernie.  (Do you want to see any movies?)

Lastly, I went to a continuing education talk last night given by Abbott.  Seems I was doomed.
I wasn't breastfed, I didn't have a GOLDEN hour with my mother after birth, and I had a lazy eye.
You know what?  My mom didn't have to breastfeed me to give me all she had in life.   She deserved to have me whisked away to the nursery so she could sleep after delivering me.   And the lazy eye business, well I looked so cute in glasses......I had cat's eye glasses.  Yet, it makes me wonder....if I could knit lace afterall if only I had that Golden hour....


gMarie said...

lately I'm not knitting much at all, just decompressing from my day and napping in my chair until bedtime. And um - I breastfed both of my girls and neither had a golden hour. They were wisked away. So what's that say?? g

Marguerite said...

I like the crust and filling together, the frosting and the cake together - preferably with vanilla ice cream and the hot fudge and the ice cream together. But for caramel sundaes, I like to leave all the caramel until last.

I put my knitting down when one of my dogs has to go outside. They're old. They can't wait.

Nothing about birth or taking care of babies is the same as when I had mine 40+ years ago. It's a wonder they turned out OK and without getting serious injured in an accident since we didn't have child seats or even seat belts.

And someday, somebody is going to do a study and discover that rule about not letting babies sleep on their tummy - the way they want to sleep - is a bunch of huey.

Katherine said...

Nope. DD had that Golden hour and she can't knit at all!

Not fair showing that cake. I will not be able to think of anything but that cake all day!!

Nancy said...

The cake looks delish! Due to my severe sweet tooth, I love the icing, not fondant, but good ole buttercream frosting with a moist cake. I'm gearing my sweet tooth up for next weekend - wedding cake is on the menu. Yum!

Grace said...

I just don't think so--I know there was no golden hour for me and my mom, she was so upset I was not a boy she didn't want me near her for 39 years, and I have not had a golden hour with any of mine, there were always enough problems in my births to circumvent that, so where my lace prowess comes from is still a mystery!

SissySees said...

I wasn't breastfed because my mother just couldn't for whatever reason. I don't know about a golden hour; in my former medic world, the golden hour was the precious time from the moment of the trauma until the patient arrived at a trauma center. Our goal was to ALWAYS be within the golden hour...

I don't like crust, icing or hot fudge. Let's share a dessert!

Dee said...

Oh that cake! Looks delicious. I'd be all over the cream filling.

Oh my, think what we ALL could accomplish if only our childhoods were lived by someone's idea of perfect.

Beverly said...

Knitting! What's that?

I like the whole thing but if it's a rectangle cake I like to get one of the corners.

A German lady used to make the most delicious 6 or 7 layer cakes like the one pictured. I would by a slice of 6 different cakes. Everyone was so disappointed when she stopped.

Mereknits said...

We love to sit outside and watch baseball even if my Rays are doing horribly. I was not breastfed and I seem okay, well I guess that is questionable sometimes.
Hugs to you,

Alyssa said...

I love watching storms. That is the best part of summer in my opinion! I take my knitting with me, though :P

sapphireblue said...

Yummy cake! I really want to see Moonrise Kingdom. It looks really funny.

Hippy Chick said...

I am so eager to restart our Netflix so I can catch up on all the indie films I've missed in this past year!

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