Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Staycation Continues, Prompts Reflection

 The Cardi Shrug is Finished.  It is blocking now.  I loved this knit up.  Thanks to Meredith for the inspiration.   Next time, and there will be a next time soon:

*I will knit all the rows from the underarms down.  This will allow me to avoid purling, and it will change up the look a bit.  It should keep the edges from rolling too.  It is a little small for me, so I will adjust the back stitch count and sleeve count.  Karen, I know you are lurking, so you can help me adjust the cardi to my body if you want to be a doll!
The Bakery that made Al's cake had these flip flops cakes for sale as well.  They almost work but, in the spirit of Best In Show, I think they have made two left feet....

Others of you have prompted my reflection as we are halfway through this year.  

*I've fallen short on some  of my non- knitting goals for the year:

Rode my bike for about a week until the weather got oppressive.

Haven't lost any weight by the way my pants  fit.   I'm overeating no doubt.

On a more successful note:

I have managed to do some difficult fostering for the shelter.

I am gardening more and keeping up with the yard well so far.

I have been very good about deleting unwanted images from the computer as I move from day to day.

I made a major move in a destructive relationship in my extended family.  

With half the year left I will embark on a new goal: go back to writing poetry for myself.

If I just work on this one writing goal, good things will follow. Poetry always leads me to good things.

Have you made any GOOD changes this year?


Nancy said...

Probably the top of my GOOD things - learning to like exercise and committing to an hour four/five days a week. It keeps my overeating at bay, but I need to focus more on getting that under control - soon.

Anonymous said...

I have *thought* about making a good change. Does THAT count?

I know what I WANT (no, need) to do, but haven't decided how to go about it.

Sounds like YOU are making some very positive changes! :-)

SissySees said...

Love that cardi!

Good changes. Hmmm... I'm failing on an epic level on the get more sleep goal. However, I have managed walks, even in this heat, at the expense of the above-mentioned sleep.

I'm overcoming my analysis paralysis because too many others around me suffer from it as well. SOMEONE has to make a flippin' decision!!

Marguerite said...

Good changes? Yes, I need to remember that I am making progress toward the positive. I've made a few new friends, started knitting a doily, got 99% of Bob's stuff given away/donated/sold or thrown away with the intention of moving somewhere else closer to civilization. Healthwise, not so good. Gained weight, eating too much comfort food, and not exercising enough. Need to do something about that.

sapphireblue said...

The cardi shrug looks great! You finished it fast.

I'm working on losing weight. That's a big goal of mine.

I've had to mend ties with some family, and cut ties with others. It's difficult to do, but once it's done, it's a big relief.

Grace said...

some in my family would say being totally off meds is a good change, but there are those who would challenge that.

the first half of the year has been very difficult for us, but I still wake up every morning so there is something positive in that!

Katherine said...

The cardi is so cute!! Design changes in the second one will be fun for you!

The year is half over and you have prompted me to think (just think) about Christmas knitting. Someone will have to prompt a little more to get me to actually do something.

If you can't overeat during staycation well, when can you?

Margaret said...

I have tried to make a concerted effort to do more for others, and I think I've done pretty well so far this year.
Have a wonderful Fourth!!

Lynn said...

Good changes?? Hmmmm. I havent killed my husband or my children yet. I wake up each day with the idea that more will get done than the previous day. I keep trying. Sometimes that's the most we can hope for.

LOVE your cardi btw.

KathyTNY said...

I love your reflections! The good the bad and the ugly. I too struggle considerably with just looking at food and find by gazing at the stuff I gain weight. I hate exercise - I use to be totally addicted to it when I was in my early 40's - now, at 57 I LOATHE it. I am on heart medication that SLOWS my metabolism and in the winter I get on seasonal disorder meds which also have a warning about gaining weight. I am generally really down on myself - always comparing myself to women who are half my age and half my size eating and eating and eating. I understand your feelings on that subject.

Enough about me and my problems. I love your postive good changes! They are awesome!

Lynneb said...

Cute little sweater, kathyb!

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