Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Oh boy, not again

Well, I have done it again.

Spilled on the computer

I cannot post an image today..... i may be able to later with Help from zach.

Ouch this hurts. Why must I enjoy a beverage as I work on my computer???

from now on......gum only.

Staycation ended. it was good to see my buddies at work.
Al is safely in the commonwealth.
The Tour is underway......Lance I am so disappointed

I knit a darling baby stocking cap last week
SOMeday I'll show it to you.

I am near the finish of my pedi socks

from now on ...gum only. I am taking suggestions....is there a coffee gum?


SissySees said...

Good luck. I can't do it. I have an iced coffee in a red Solo cup at my desk as I type, and at home, there's usually a large Tervis tumbler of water to my left...

Welcome to VA, Al!

Nancy said...

I, too, have two drinks at hand - tea and a breakfast smoothie.

sapphireblue said...

Uh oh! You need a plastic keyboard cover.

Alyssa said...

You could also do mints? Hard candies? :(

Karezybear said...

How about a spill proof adult sippy cup?

Katherine said...

I've spilled coffee on my keyboard so many times that I'm sure if it could speak it would demand its own cup.

You are just rattled because staycation is over!! It will be okay as soon as you get back into routine!

Mereknits said...

This is the first time in years I haven't been glued to the Tour. We went to Rotterdam to see the prologue the last time Lance raced, so sad he may have let us all down after all. Glad you are doing well,

gMarie said...

Maybe you have your coffee in a sippy cup? Sorry about the spill. Hope the computer recovers. g

Anonymous said...

Jolt gum has caffeine. Last time I checked you could get it on thinkgeek.com

Marguerite said...

If a keyboard is like a cell phone, it will work again when it's dried out.

Do you have a laptop or a desktop? For a desktop, new keyboards are cheap and they plug right in and work with no fuss.

Hope you're back with pictures soon.

Dee said...

Hope Zach is able to get you up and going again.

Kathy said...

I keep drinks clear across the room from me and my computer for two reasons:

1. My darling feline Raina loves to pounch on me the minute I sit down anywhere (either to knit, get on computer etc.) and ANYTHING in her way is sent flying!!! We are working on being calm and controlled but she is still "a youngster".

2. I need the excersice - so getting up and getting a drink is a good thing!!! lol

Yarn Miracle said...

I was really hoping someone had a suggestion for a coffee gum.

I'm supposed to use straw cups near the computer, but I usually just put my drink on the floor and hope I remember to be careful with my feet.

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