Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Irish Images

Big thanks to Katherine who jumped through hoops to post this image for me.I am calling the hat pattern THE TWO KATHs hat. I made the little baby stocking cap out of leftover Madeline tosh on size 8s.

I cast on 52 stitches
Ribbed a bit, about an inch
Then knit stockinette the for a few inches
Then I stirred in some fair isle in navy
Knit stockinette a bit more

Knit some navy stockinette then
Finished with all the baby blue
Except I kept enough for the tassel,

I began the decreases just before I ran out of the main baby blue color

I knit 7 then knit 2 together around
Then I knit stockinette for a short inch

Did the same exact decrease again, knit 7 then k2together
Then knit stockinet the for a short inch

Did the same decrease again

When I had about 12 stitches left I pulled the end through
Attatched a tassel and called it finished

Let me know if you care to knit one up for a little one!


Alyssa said...

It's so adorable! I would want to me one for my kids... only, I don't have any :X

SissySees said...

That's very cute! I think some of the baby boom '12 babies will need one for the cooler months...

Kathy said...


KSD said...

VERY nice! Brava.

sapphireblue said...

Very cute!!

Katherine said...

It has just occurred to me that I need one of these hats too. Babies shouldn't have all the fun!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I'll be knitting some of these. Thanks.


Robin said...

So cute! Will keep a little head warm this winter.

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