Thursday, June 14, 2012

Yes Summer Flies

 This is the Summer Flies Shawl.  It is not mine. Sadly.  I was giving my friend Karen ideas for a new knit up and she decided to try SUMMER FLIES in lace weight.   I always take Karen's knit advice. It is funny that she took mine.....Everyone says this is an easy starter does not look easy to me.        Karen can knit just about anything, with her eyes closed.....
 Picture heavy post today!  This is one  of 39 shots I took of my niece and great nieces on Tuesday evening.  They came to see the kittens and have pizza with us.  Summer flies, and my niece is a teacher, so we made a date right away.   This is the best image of the bunch.   Aren't they pretty?
I took this flower image yesterday when I was out on my bike.  Summer flies to I have to get on my bike when I can.

I had to mail 2  packages today. One box was mailed  to Zach who lives about 15 miles away.  It cost 5 dollars to send it. The other package , same size, was the yarn prize to Catherine in Ireland.  It cost 10 dollars to send.  The weighed almost the same.
How is it that sending a box so close costs so much and sending a box 3 thousand miles away costs only ten dollars?

Is summer flying for you?


Nancy said...

Summer is definitely flying, so I'm going to try to soar with it. ;oD

My bike still has its winter cover on it. Yes, it is time to get the tires inflated, dust off the helmet, and hit the streets.

Katherine said...

Sweet faces in that picture!!

Sad to say summer is not flying due to hot, hot temperatures! I feel it is dragging and I am dragging with it. No bike riding happening here!

SissySees said...

Can't make sense of the postage mess. It frustrates me to no end on a regular basis!

They are beautiful, happy faces.

No summer here today, but I hear the 90s are coming... again.

Kathy said...

Those girls have lovely smiles! I love it!

I have wanted to so wrap my brain around shawls, and I started an easy garter one, and it just is slogging along. Would much rather do socks!!!

Summer is flying!!!! Even with our little trip to Michigan I came back feeling anxious at how fast the time is flying! I have seasonal disorder in the winter time and pine for the days of sunshine and birds etc. When those days come they move so much faster than the winter days!

Anonymous said...

Summer is not flying fast enough. I'm NOT a big fan of summer. It's too hot, too humid and too long for those of us living in mid-Florida.

Mereknits said...

Okay I just posted a comment and it did not go through. I am so happy you are making the Cardi, it is fast and fun and Madeline Tosh will be perfect for it. Lovely picture of your niece and her little ones, they are adorable. Summer is flying for me, next week is OSU orientation. Pretty soon Mr. 18 will be leaving! I am a mess.
Big hugs to you my lovely friend,

knitseashore said...

I made the Summerflies shawl and it really isn't too bad if you take one section at a time. The larger needles and thicker yarn really help.

It has been chilly and rainy here in the Northeast, so I haven't been on my bike much either. Hopefully your weather is better for a ride!

gMarie said...

Is it summer yet? Spring is flying by as is this year. Your friend's shawl is lovely. Your family is adorable and I have no idea on postage.

I made lemon chicken tonight - so good. Have you tried it yet? g

sapphireblue said...

Summer is flying. There's so much on my to-do list.

Robin said...

This is a pretty shawl. Can't wait to see yours. Love the family picture.

Catherine said...

Yaaayyy! I got my parcel of yarn today and thanks sooooo much! I'll be posting it on my FB page and I hope you're on Facebook too so you can see it! That was some prize and you are really kind! It was kinda ironic alright that it cost twice as much to send something so far away as ti send something down the road. We area in fact about 3800 miles apart as I just looked on Google earth where you are. The yarn is just divine and silky denim, what next! And do you know the irony is the Tivoli Cotton/Linen blend is from Cork which is our nearest city 30 miles away! Yet I've not seen this particular yarn and I'm so looking forward to working with it!
This is a really fab prize and you really made my Monday not like a Monday at all! Maybe Ireland will beat Italy in Poland after all! (European Soccer Championships, our last match and then we're out).
Love Catherine xxx

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