Thursday, June 21, 2012


 Here is the prize lace yarn.  Blue blue blue.  Almost periwinkle blue.  China blue.  Danish Blue.
So it is already Thursday.  This means Puddy and Babka had their surgeries this morning.  They will stay here the weekend, and then they will be back at Heartland Animal Shelter awaiting their forever homes.

I'll miss their cute faces.  But guess what?  Helo, Al's beautiful cat is coming to stay with us for at least a few months.   He doesn't need the stress of moving to Virginia Beach with Al.  Beatles needs a buddy.  Rosalyn has been a trooper.  She is tired of Beatles  tackling her though. Her old bones need a rest.
Helo will take a while to fit in; cats just take a little time.  I am so excited for him to live here.  He has the most amazing eyes.  He is part Siamese/part something else...probably grey tabby.  He needs to lose some weight, so playing with Bea will be perfect.  Helo is only 2.   Bea is now 1.

Fireman and I want to get to the Lake Michigan Beach soon. I drove by and snapped a picture the other day.   The water stays very cold until about August.  We want to take the kayaks out.   Hopefully within a week we can do this.

Here is short list of things I WONT do this summer:

Go to any indoor concert.  I simply cannot do this when we have nice weather.  We have so many months of awful grey cold weather here in Chicago, I have to stay out in the summer.  -

Buy ice cream from a truck.  I have so many good ice cream choices around me.  I live a block from a soft serve ice cream stand,  3 blocks from Oberweiss Dairy and a mile from a Ben and Jerry's.  You cannot beat Ben and Jerry's if you ask me-

Wear a bikini. -

Plant tomatoes.  Taking this year off.  My watering to harvesting ratio was much too low last year to warrant them this year.  I can  go to the farmers market on any Saturday from July 1 on and get great tomatoes.  ( I will be happy to take any of yours) -

Have a garage sale.  Most of my stuff is FROM garage sales.....and I tend to bring one thing into my house and get rid of one thing at the same time. it keeps the STUFF down. :)

Use a spray tan/seek a tan out.  I'm too old for tanning.  The spray stuff must cause cancer or three heads or something.  I LOVE to look tan.  Alas, it is winter here more than anything else and my winter skin will look much better if I don't' tan.

and lastly,

I won't stop planting because spring is over.  I must keep the garden interest up.  I always plant mums in August, but I need to plant something  now in July....any ideas?


SissySees said...

What an empowering post! I might have to borrow the idea and answer you in my own post tomorrow.

That's a beautiful blue yarn.

Katherine said...

Love the blue, blue, blue!! I'm with you on garage sales. We did two last year (one that DD held here) and that was enough to last me for a while. A LONG while!!

How nice to have a Ben and Jerry's so close. A good walk is just what I need before I eat ice cream. That almost makes it guilt free!

sapphireblue said...

That's a beautiful color blue!

I hope the kitties do well.

Erin_in_Boston said...
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Erin_in_Boston said...

Removed prior post for spelling edits.
Love the post, love the list of things you won't do. Love that you have so many choices for fresh ice cream. And. I love the one liner following the ice cream pledge!

As for gardening, I urge you to give moonflowers a try. The flower is shaped a little like morning glories, but they are white, much more fragrant, and they open at night. So dramatic!

Dee said...

Can't wait to see a picture of Helo! He sounds beautiful.

Have a great weekend kayaking!

Nancy said...

Oh my, the yarn is gorgeous!

suburban prep said...

Ravinia is nice this time of year.
I hope that you are able to make it there.
We were tempted to go to the Oberweiss in Glenview the other day on the way home. (as you know it was very very hot about town of late).
Enjoy whatever you do this summer.

Alyssa said...

I agree - this week is too fast! This summer, I'm not going to overwork myself... here's hoping.

Marilyn said...

What to plant. What to plant. If you want perennials and blooms next summer plant asiatic lilies. If you want blooms now annuals are starting to go on sale at the least in our part of the country!
Happy gardening!
BTW the yarn is gorgeous!

Grace said...

the yarn is gorgeous--It makes me smile just looking at it!

Things I won't be doing, hmm---going on vacation, unless it is to ALabama, eating ice cream unless it is homemade from bananas and peanut butter, wearing a bathing suit of any kind. and blogging every day--I will blog but not like I used to!!!

Natalie Martinez Rush said...

Great idea! My list of things to do this summer are short but sweet. I want to get to the beach more...and sew a couple items.

gMarie said...

How did I miss this? I really need to learn to use a reader, eh? Anyway - what won't I do?

vacation in the summer - we never do; have a garage sale - I hate having them; buy more dishes; make a quilt - I want to, but....


Lynneb said...

I won't wear a bikini either.

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