Thursday, June 07, 2012

Summertime Summertime

 Rosalyn wanted some time on the blog.  She's our old girl.  She is an amazing tabby/torti mix.  Her personality is awesome....Here she is at 15 years of age, enjoying the screened porch the other day.
Cakespy posted this image of a watermelon cake on her blog today.  Jessie is awesome.  I'd love to eat this cake!

In my knit world this is going on:

*I finished another Life Is Good Shawlette yesterday.  I"ll show you soon.

*On my way to the Colour cowl I took a turn....I think Im making it a keyhole Scarf now.  I just love the orange yarn knit up.  I never use this color and I think it is refreshing to me.   I am afraid that the seam on the Colour cowl will mess me up in the end.  There I go, retreating to safety.  But that is the story of my life....
and I don't mind it so much.   Have you retreated to "Safe" lately???


Bridget said...

What a pretty and sweet-looking kitty!

Wow that watermelon pie/cake does look good. I'm probably too lazy to try something like that though.

I haven't had a chance to resort to much of anything lately, due to a hand brace on my right hand. I hope it will be able to come off soon!

Nancy said...

My goodness, you have turned into a knitting machine with so many finishes! Great job.

I love tabbies and Rosalyn is a beauty!

SissySees said...

I suppose it was an unplanned retreat to safety. While I poured over Pinterest last night, trying to decide what cold pasta recipe I'd make for tonight, the Knight quietly doubled his recipe and I'll be serving baked piccolini and meat sauce!

Marilyn said...

Oh...sweet kitty!
Yummy looking cake. It's so pink!

sapphireblue said...

Very pretty cake. That takes a lot of talent.

Judy S. said...

Our Ginger is a torti also, only lots darker than your cute Roslyn. Love the cowl pattern; thanks for the link!

Grace said...

i really don't like watermelon at all, in any way shape or form but the cake looks awesome!

Mereknits said...

Okay no retreating to safety for me because frankly I do not know where safe is! That cake makes me want to jump in your blog and grab it. Thanks for the emails.

Anonymous said...

Rosalyn is looking pretty good for a senior catizen.

That cake DOES look delicious!

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